Vegetation across Trans Himalayas



Vegetation across Trans Himalayas is worth noticing because the locals have their own natural and fundamental ways of living and enjoying nature.The fascination drove me to a village named Hunder near the Trans Himalayan belt which is close to the Nubra sand dunes area.The locals living there planted flowers like sunflower,marigold in the garden that grew up naturally and spontaneously and they implanted seeds and vegetables like cauliflower,brinjal,potatoes,cabbage to feed themselves without having bothered too much about money.

Vegetation thriving in the region
Vegetal thriving in the region

Flowers and vegetal
Flowers and vegetation across Trans Himalayas

Vegetation across the region
Natural ways of vegetation

Proper and adequate maintenance was done mostly by the Ladakhi woman and utmost care taken towards growth of these seeds and small trees.These small trees created a panoramic acquaintance with the surroundings and added charm to the environment.Even the wooden houses in which they were living had a source of income for them and they used to provide them to travellers and tourists for long home stays with food and other facilities.This is something like growing their own food for survival without depending on others.

View of the city
City view

Green grass
Green Grasslands

Hunder tehsil
Hunder village

In most areas the locals used to give their wooden houses for home stay purpose and they had a small and wonderful well maintained garden surrounding the house.They used to go for farming in the adjoining areas and came back late in the evening hours to enjoy the rest of the day with family and friends.Their behaviour is fundamental and hardy as compared to others but most importantly their lifestyle is natural and very unique and healthy from human standpoint.Most of the villages across the Trans Himalayan belt are more or less following the same standard phenomenon discussed above which makes it a treasure for the nation.

Green Grasslands

Green fields
Green Meadows



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