Concursion of Indus and Zanskar


The concursion of Indus and Zanskar mainly takes place near Nimmu village in Ladakh.The Zanskar,a bit whiter in appearance than Indus which is a bit greyish reconcile creating a scenic spectacle for travelers to witness the confluence.The stream of Indus is more stronger as compared to Zanskar as it is the main river in the subcontinent flowing across Leh,India and Pakistan.The confluence is a magical moment and the best thing is that everyone can actually witness it in different times of the day to get the best sight of the color differences of the rivers.

Concursion of Indus and Zanskar
Confluence of Indus and Zanskar

Concursion of Indus and Zanskar

River ride
The Zanskar ride

The Trans Himalayan ranges in Leh surround the two rivers creating a breadthtaking and spectacular landscape for travel photographers.The mountains are more drier and arid as compared to the normal Himalayas as they belong to the Karakoram and Trans Himalayan ranges.Their different shapes and sizes create a striking effect and the two rivers take a different color due to reflection forging an analogy with the color of the sky.

Zanskar ride

Trans Himalayas
Trans Himalayan magnetism encircling the concursion

River Zanskar
Zanskar river

It is a one hour drive from the capital city of Ladakh which can be taken as a half day entry and view point for travelers with important monastries and stupas plunging in the median.Refreshments were available luckily at the point so we were not short of food and water which is essential to elude of dehydration and altitude sickness.The vista of the confluence magnified the scenic beauty and river rafting services available for young travelers added charisma to the enchantment.It would be a wise idea to take a river ride to witness the confluence of these two big rivers and note the color differences.

The Trans Himalayas
Trans Himalayas

Trans Himalayan excitement
Trans Alpine magnetism


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