The city of astronomical clocks is Prague

When it comes to decide the place where astronomical clocks holds importance it is Prague.Prague is one of the largest cities in the European Union that has the credit of procuring the oldest astronomical clocks in the world.The city is spread across Vltava river and has a temperate climate.The astronomical clock holds significance as it represents the geometrical positions of the Sun,Moon and containing astronomical minutiae.

The city map
City map
The finest architectures
Finest architecture
River cruise
River cruise
Country map
The country map
The cathedral

Prague is the cultural,economic and political capital of Europe and other important attractions include  Charles bridge,Vltava river and the ambiance around,important cathedrals,monuments and the Prague Castle.I found Prague more beautiful and important than other European countries as it holds world class museums and castles not found in any other corner of the world.

River inscribing the city
River inscribing the city
Architecture of Prague
Prague architecture
Prague architecture
Astronomical clocks

The astronomical clock is also an epitome of good luck,success and fortune for the people residing there.It is believed that it would be the end of the world if anything awkward happens to the clock.The clock was made by a professor in Mathematics and it’s importance and mention came in the year 1410.The blue circle represents our mother Earth and the red and black portions represents the view of the empyrean.Inside the black portion are areas of the zodiac ring that represents the Sun and the golden star shows the position of the equinox.The city life is awesome and wonderful and the people very hospitable and kind. Prayers and offerings often takes place in cathedrals and churches for the well being of the people of the city.I consider myself very fortunate to have sighted this historical clock which I have never seen anywhere and Prague remains a profound place in my memory and heart to cherish for entire life.

The city of Prague
City of Prague
Signs of street
Street signs
Prayers and offerings


Finest architectures
By the street

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