Five Reasons to visit Kolkata

Kolkata,the headquarters of East India and the capital of India till 1912 before Indian
Independence has its own flavor and piquancy to attract travelers from all around the world.It is now the capital of West Bengal and dominated by the Congress group and has seen lot of improvements in the past few years both socially and economically and preserved its lost glory and heritage which went missing few years ago.

Ganges at Kolkata
Ganges spreading its charm
Princep Ghat
Princep Ghat

The major attraction in the outskirts of the city is Diamond harbour which is a concursion of Bay of Bengal and the Hooghly river.It is one of the most prominent and promising centres of fishery,merchandise in the South 24 Parganas district.Different varieties of fishes are exported from the harbour to other parts of the country and their piquancy can be felt and experienced.

Princep Ghat
Princep Ghat premises
Princep Ghat
Princep Ghat and Ganga

Thirdly we have the reminisces of Sri Swami Vivekananda in the interiors of the city,the ashram and dwelling place and his complete works can be found in the form of books and other journals sold within the ashrams.Swami Vivekananda was a prominent figure in the 18th century and a Hindu monk who became very famous because of his intellect and mind power and is regarded as the youth icon of India.We have his
portraits and statues in different parts of the city and an inspiration for people of all ages to follow his teachings.

Durga Puja at Kolkata
Durga Puja celebrated in October month
Merchandise exchange
Merchandise exchanged in harbour

Fourthly there are other attractions within the heart of the city like the Victoria Memorial.Fort Williams,Birla Planetarium,Science city,Princep Ghat and other amusement parks.There are some education institutes which has gained
international exposure and a pride for the city.Some popular streets like Park street,Saltlake,Esplanade,Chandni Chowk are in the heart of the city and very much established.The trams and taxis are a delight to watch and joy rides in the city.


Finally the food of the region has attracted both the minister and millions in the country.The different varieties of sweets available in major city outlets has attracted the couch potatoes and food lovers across the region.The festivals
of Durga Puja and other important traditional festivals has stolen the hearts of millions in the country and made Kolkata the cornerstone of major important festivals in India.

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