Yumesamdong|Purlieu of eternal snow in North Sikkim

Yumesamdong is purlieu of eternal snow in North Sikkim with a road distance of around 26 kilometers from Yumthang,the silent valley across the state.Yumesamdong is also known as the zero point as the road ends and there is no passage after reaching the zenith.Yumesamdong is open only for a few months due to high snowfall across the region and road blockage after October.So we preferred to visit the terrain during the peak season of March-April to enjoy the complete grandeur of the region with its actual flavor.

Eternal snow at zero point
Chunks of snow at Zero Point

Eternal snow in mountains
Mountains become slippery and dangerous due to incessant rains and snow

After spending a cold winter night at the guest house in Yumthang,we, started at 6 am in the morning to enjoy the fascination of the Eastern Himalayas.The Eastern Himalayas are a delight and splendor to watch and the best view can be obtained from Yumthang and Yumesamdong due to the geographical bearings.The winds starts dictating and the cool breeze blowing across the realm makes a pleasant feeling with a tributary of the river Teesta flowing across the magical valley of Yumthang.

Ridges across mountains
Rocks and Ridges across Mountains

Snow clearance
Bulldozer clearing snow

I was quite charmed to see the pleasant weather and the bright sunshine across the mammoth peaks of the Eastern Himalayas.There was considerable shortage of oxygen across the region so we could not stay for a prolonged time period across the valley.Even. the trucks and the tyres of our cars were submerged in ice and could not move further so we had to walk and trek through the area to reach the summit.There were tough rocks,ridges and small waterfalls along the entire domain and while traversing across the region we could find lot of wild flowers and rhododendrons in the vicinity.The food also was very enchanting and had the taste of the eastern region but the most gloomy part of the trip was the lack of accommodation at Yumesamdong which was something I never dreamt of.Atleast there could be some wooden houses and small tents available for stay across the area to get some good retrospection but nevertheless the place along with its beauty and eternal snow was something to remember and last for a lifetime.

Yumesamdong snow

Eternal snow at Yumesamdong

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