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Services Offered:

1.Professional photography covering Properties, Business & Industry, Sports, Landscape and Nature,Macro,Property and Interiors,Construction and Property,Product and Agricultural Photography.

2.Editorial work, Product, PR and Marketing.I am open to projects such as product and service reviews and social media engagement.

3.We develop meaningful and strategic content to help tourism boards and companies in the content strategy framework.I am open to invitations and form mutual beneficial partnership with travel companies.I am open to consulting,hotel reviews,travel sponsorship and ready to work with travel companies that supports travel values and initiatives.

4.Natural History and Travel Photography for websites and publishers. Limited Edition prints for homes and businesses and more
recently talks and workshops for photography clubs and other organizations.

5.Travel Consultancy,Books and Hotel and Product Reviews, Travel Blogging and Writing and assignments.

6.Advertising,Affilate Ecommerce,Guest Posts,Promotions.