The future of toy rides in the hills


Much to the surprise,the future of Toy Train rides in the hills is on a surge and plans to expand its base covering all the hilly areas that fall in India which includes the Eastern Himalayas,The Nilgiris,the Northern Himalayas and the Western Ghats.Currently these joy train rides exist in four areas which includes the one that exists in Kurseong-Darjeeling Eastern Railway which is the first of its kind in India,the second one lies in Ooty Niligiris suburbs,the third one which is the most popular one and expands across the Himachal Pradesh covering Shimla and the last one spreading its wings across the Western Ghats stretching from Neral to Matheran.

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Darjeeling Mountain Railway

The Government is planning to extend its geographical boundary regarding the same in other areas where there is a mountain-railway connection and where mountain lovers come across to have the best of its kind.What is required to make this a success and a boon for tourists is proper planning,execution and turning it into a reality.The existence of human brain and superior engineering outline can help attain the same crossing all boundaries and tussles.These joy rides are eco friendly measures of transportation and communication within the region and are better operating travel means as compared to buses and taxis.

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Toy Train ride at Darjeeling

The citizens of the country are looking forward and anticipating the same from the Government and supporting the mission and the cause.It won’t take much time to see the changes getting reflected and designed in all corners of the mountain areas which can be considered as an important turnover in the history of India.I hope the Government keeps the promise and not lay down millions of people in the country.