Why I Travel and maintain a Blog

Mind the Gap

It has always been a debate as to why people maintain a travel blog-is it just for fun,passion or business.Well,different people maintain and start a travel blog for various reasons and I maintain for keeping my passion alive and want to form a big forum with like minded travellers like me to keep ourselves updated and focussed about whats happening across the globe.

I got this inspiration from Lindsey and Kyle the couple who started their travel blog tandemtrekking.com few years back.I really got surprised and excited to see the couple romancing and travelling across Alps and mountains and lead a nomadic life.It is really encouraging to see such people who maintain a decent travel blog to inspire others and travel across the globe.Their way of travelling has kept the wanderlust inside me alive and made me think like them and go on a voyage.I was really happy and excited to see their travel stories and wish that I could do the same a few years down the line.

I never expected to do any business from my blog when I started it but I see lot of people earning money from it and living a life of travel.So I plan to bridge the gap sometimes later although it may not be possible completely to lead a nomadic life throughout our lifespan.But to make the best out of life it is sometimes essential to come out of the comfort zone and live the life you want to.Happy Travelling!!!