Weekly Photo Challenge:Cheeky


Last month,Travelling took me to the wild and dense forests of Netarhat in India where we could spot animals like leopard,tigers,black bear and muntjacs to mention a few.Such is the fascination and alchemy of wandering in the wild with your gears and camera.There were birds that could be spotted near the rivers and mostly in the soaked areas of the forest.

On. delving further,I found this bird in one of the soggy areas of the reserve looking quite angry from her facial appearances.She seems to be searching for commodity,may be food and water or may be something beyond that.She took few steps from she was and stood firm at one point close to the river from where I took this photograph.There were however no predators I could find that could attack this little creature so she was free  from fear and danger.

Although I stood closer to the creature,I found that she never bothered to turn her neck and face me.She was in her own world and was peeping close to the rocks and the bulky stones close to her contact.Although she was whiter in appearance and two small legs to stand tall and a big mouth projecting her tongue her eyes were something to watch out for. There were some alarms that I could hear in the forest but that could not perturb her actions.She stood undisturbed,calm and placid and solitary.My phone kept ringing for few minutes but she never turned towards me and the strange thing was that I could not even hear her chirping sounds as she was silent.

Hopefully we could understand the secret behind her actions and behaviour.It seems that she was not impressed by me or my phone or camera which I had at that point of time.It is sometimes very difficult for humans like us to interpret other creatures and study their mind and actions.

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