Pristine Divinty of The Valley Of Flowers-UNESCO sites

The Valley Of Flowers is located in the Garhwal ranges of Uttarakahnd,20 kms from Govindghat and is one the UNESCO sites in India.We attempted to trek the region with Trekking gears,Sleeping bags,Battery torch lighter,tents and sports shoes.It was a tough 20 kms steep trek with one halt in Ghangaria at night.I got a hiking dress for the same along with my friend who was trekking along with me to the were mountain horses,waterfalls and stony rocks in the way and giant curvy mountains of the Garhwal Himalayas.

En route to Ghangaria
On the way to ghangaria




Valley of Flowers-UNESCO sites
Bridge to Valley of Flowers

Route to Ghangaria
Mid way to Ghangaria

The pristine mountains of the Garhwal Himalayas in Ghangaria had taken our breadth away along with the various species of rhododendrons and wild flowers blossoming all around.We had to spend the night in our tents with Roti-Dal tadka for dinner and a light breakfast at 5 am in the morning to begin our final trek of 5 kms to the Valley of Flowers region.Another way from Ghangaria is the famous Gurudwara of Hemkund Sahib which is at a distance of around 6 kms but considering the shortage of time we had to skip it for this trekking tour.

Approaching Ghangaria



Horse riders
Horse riders at Govindghat


This time the monsoon played spoilsport in our journey and incessant rains and thunderstorms had dismantled the bridge which is a very important means to reach the UNESCO sites.So we had to make our own way to reach the spot and it was difficult as the place was officially closed and the locals were not allowing us to enter the region.But we convinced them that we will be safe and make our own pavement in an intelligent way to reach the spot.




So we took the unpaved way through the ridges and mountains but it took much longer for us than the normal route to reach there.We also spotted some wild beers hovering around the region and they were scared of us as we were operating in groups so they ran away from our sight.Once we entered the site we found the beauty of the pristine mountains and heavenly flowers blooming and flourishing all around the region.

garhwal Himalayas
Garhwal ranges


The Valley of Flowers is home to various species of rhododendrons and heavenly flowers which are not found anywhere in India.That is the reason why it is described as one of the World Heritage UNESCO sites.The grasslands were green with wild heavenly flowers blossoming all around the region.The mountains were also covered with green grass and there were no signs of ice or snow during this time of the year.I also thought of finding Sanjeevani,the life saving herb in this divine region so kept on wandering around to find its species.The cool breeze blowing in the morning made the mood very romantic and pleasant and felt like staying the day there itself.But it was not possible due to security issues and other disciplinary reasons so had to come down to Ghangaria and descend our way back to Govindghat.The memories ensnared in our mind are something to cherish for entire life and I also encourage young travelers to visit the region atleast once in their
lifetime as its not possible to find a place in India with all 4 combinations namely wild heavenly flowers,pristine mountains,waterfalls and divine elegance of Mother Nature.


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