Twisted alleys of Barot Valley


Barot Valley is an important lowland in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh.It is connected to Bir Billing via Joginder Nagar and Palampur.This valley has gained importance and recognition in the state due to the recent construction of the hydel power project and a dam that serves as the biggest water supply to the people in the adjoining areas of the district.The road to Barot from Joginder Nagar is a twisted one and through the dense forests and the woodlands of Himachal Pradesh,India.

Steep scent
Twisted alleys
Flowers blooming in resort gardens
Flowers blooming in the garden
High flowing Uhi river
River Uhi
Uhi River
Trout fishing at UhI

Trout fishing is very prominent and established and serves as the largest exporter of fish in the region and the adjoining places of the Mandi and Kangra district.Population is sparse and local villagers have planted trees and built wooden houses to survive in the lowlands.The high stream of water from the dam flowing across the lowlands
is a retreat and an eye catcher for all travellers coming for a sojourn and quest of some adventure in the region.Barot valley was one of the least explored destinations of Himachal but has gained attention and distinction recently due to the construction of the hydel project across the high flowing UhI river.

Flowers glowing in propinquity
Flowers blooming in propinquity in UhI river
Flowers blooming
Flowers blooming at resort gardens
Wooden houses across Barot valley
Barot valley
Hydel project
Hydel power project in the region

The passage is very adventurous and enterprising as we wander across the Dhauladhar Himalayan circuit and the impenetrable and condensed areas of the forests and looks very scenic and artistic and captures the mind and hearts of all nature enthusiasts and wildlife photographers.It is a 4-5 hrs drive from the spiritual destination of Bir and through the wild forests of Kangra and the Mandi district of Himachal.The valley attracts mostly foreign tourists and adventurous backpackers from India and forms the gateway to the Nargu Wildlife sanctuary.There are steep ascents across the twisted alleys and route to some important trekking expeditions.

The dam serving as a means of water supply
Vertical view of the dam
Green grasslands
Green grasslands across the valley
Tents set in Billing
Tents in Billing

Barot Valley remains an important discovery in the Mandi distict of Himachal Pradesh and serves as the largest water supplier in the region besides Prashar lake due to the construction of the hydel power project.The crisis of water supply has now been eradicated from the region and people continue to live a blissful life of adventure and mountain fantasies in this beautiful lowland.I am extremely blessed to have conquered this part of Himachal with my courtiers and I stimulate other like minded travellers to plan a voyage across this wonderful lowland to enjoy the enticing
beauty and fascination of the Dhauladhar Himalayan compass.

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