Tsomgo:The Yak lake


Tsomgo lake,situated at a height of more than 12000 ft above sea level
is a high altitude lake in East Sikkim,India.The lake is situated in
Changu Village around 40 kms from the state capital of Gangtok.The lake
is also called the 'Yak Lake' as yak is the only animal that is seen
around the lake.Many yaks can be spotted in and around the lake and
serves as the largest milk producer in the area. All tea sellers use
their milk to make and prepare tea and coffee in the region.The area is                     very serene and isolated and we can only feel the essence of the mountains.

Tsomgo lake
Changu lake

Changu Lake
Tsomgo lake as visible from Changu village

Tsomgo Lake
Tsomgo or Changu Lake

Yak with clothed horns
Yaks covered with red clothes around the horns

The lake normally remains frozen in winters and it would be good to plan
a sojourn near the lake during December-February-March.It is the most
important lake in Sikkim due to its height and the depth of water level.
The lake can be traversed from the capital city of Gangtok by covering
a whooping distance of around 2 hours in car and looks splendid and
ravishing in the morning.On going further from the lake,we, can find some
other lakes like Menmecho,Elephant lake and Kupup lake.

Blue water of Tsomgo
Blue water of Changu

Changu lake in morning
Tsomgo lake in the morning

Yaks spotted around Changu lake
The Yak spotted in and around the lake

Ride around Yak lake
The Yak ride around the lake

There used to trade operations between India and China in the region
but it was stopped and discontinued few years back and goods stopped
coming from China.The trading was affected and as a result lot of people
who used to depend on trading for a living lost their daily source
of income.People of Sikkim now mostly depends on tourism and selling
for a decent living.The yak lake is encompassed by mountains of the Eastern
Himalayas and there are military camps and forces operating in the area

Changu lake
Changing colors of Changu lake

Road around Yak lake
The zig zag road around Changu lake

Yaks spotted at yak lake
Changu Village





The Tsomgo lake serves as the entry point for another important route
namely the 'Silk Route' between India and China.Since the trading
operation got affected few years back,the route now remains opened
for travelers and nature enthusiasts for a visit all around the year.
There have been eco retreats and resorts constructed by the people of
Sikkim that acts as home stays for travelers and tourists throughout the
year.The elegant lake looks dazzling if viewed from the top acting as the
only water body in Changu village and continues to impress tourists and
manages to be as one of the most important lakes in the Eastern Himalayas.

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  1. Great post Somnath! I have never heard about this place and it’s so beautiful and certainly off the beaten track – scores double points from me! What language do people speak there? Is it manageable if you only speak English? It will definitely be on my radar when I finally visit India x

  2. this is very interesting. i can imagine the historic and georaphic significance of this lake from before. would be nice to visit this place.

    1. No,swimming is’nt allowed…However when the lake is frozen in winters,you can take some steps and scroll around the lake..

  3. Its a very beautiful lake..after visiting pangong in ladakh tsomgothe lake is on my wish list…soon i will be there . all pictures are awsm

  4. I’ve not heard of tsomgo lake but would love to visit it one day. The lake is beautiful and so serene. I would love to stay in one of the eco retreats and enjoy the panoramic view of the lake.

  5. The Yak are such interesting animals and your pictures show their special place in the lives of these people. Thanks for sharing information about this little known destination

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