Tso Moriri-saccharine water lake in the Trans Himalayan belt


Tso Moriri Lake is one of the saccharine water lakes in the Trans Himalayas.It can be reached from Pang by integumenting an amplitude of five to six hours in car.The Trans Himalayan belt of mountains offers a magnetizing and ensnaring vision to the lake which cannot be described in words and dictum.Sweet water lakes are rare in any corner of the world.After tasting it it sensed like a dilute solution of glycerol put in a cup of water.

Barbed wires
Barbed wires placed at intervals for keeping out trespassers

Barbed wires
Wires placed at intervals for fencing in livestock

Tso Moriri
Tso Moriri Lake

There are barbed wires placed at intervals surrounding the lake for fencing in livestock and keeping out trespassers.The divergent mountains and their advent and sizes offers an astounding contour with the color of the lake proliferating their presence.The lake is quite deep and stretches further westward and tents can be set up by travelers at their own expense for a sojourn near the lake.Even there are some camps set up by the local villagers that serves as a means of daily income to earn their livelihood.

Tso Moriri
Tso Moriri and its tempting pizzazz

Saccharine water lake Tso Moriri
Tso Moriri Lake

Barbed wires
Barbed wires for keeping out trespassers

Our motto was to traverse the saccharine water lake and the vicinity and juxtapose it with its peers and give our ratings and feedback.One major advantage of visiting the lake was to find its cloying and syrupy taste which was astraying in the others.Our minds became very much concentrated after visiting the lakelet and we became deeply engrossed in thinking about setting up a camp there and extend our period of stay for a week.

Green grasslands around the lake
The green grasslands across the lake makes it a succinct place in the lap of Nature


Trans Himalayan ecstasy around the lake
Trans Alpine magnetism around the lake

Tso Moriri can be reached from Leh and its suburbs if there is no road altercation and
rains playing spoilsport during the journey coverage.The rhetoric silence of the lake
could fascinate millions and can be thought of as an important destination for cinematographers willing to shoot their next generation of films with co-stars and directors.


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