Trekking on High Heels

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Its always been a necessity for human beings to go for trekking atleast once a lifetime
to nurture themselves and become familiar with the positive effects of trekking.
This time it was a trek to the highest pilgrimage of India which is Amarnath the
abode of Lord Shiva in Jammu and Kashmir.The boys and the girls along with me took their trekking gear to get ready for this fascinating trek which lies a step ahead of human thought.

The trek began from Baltal,one of the military camping areas of Jammu and Kashmir on an early morning at 4 am.Thanks to the quality of tents provided at night which made our sleep more peaceful so that we can gear up with full force the next day.

Heli rides
Chopper ride



We were advised not to go with empty and full stomach to avoid any dehydration in the
middle of the trek.It was a 19 kms steep climb from Baltal to reach the abode of the Hindu deity.Getting geared up for the trek always required a full step mind preparation as the trek required climbing ridges,slopes and hard rocks across the way.There were 2-3 long time stops in between the trekking journey which mostly included having a one short breakfast,taking care of a horse which fainted in the mid way of climb and revitalizing and adjusting our camera batteries to last for the day.

On the way fell an important place Panchatarni from where Pawan Hans Helis were operating to help tourists reach the abode of the deity.But even though it was a 10 mins travel by the helipad the sight was quite beautiful to track which we took on our way back to Baltal.

Trekking till tents
Swiss tents


Also not to mention the black rocks which fell in the way from where one could not even
sight the reflection of the sun.The mountains galore and whether it was grassy mountains
or blackish mountains it was a great sighting experience to witness the sun rising among
all these mountains at 5 am in the morning.The strength of the sun gave us even more
energy and oxygen to make our way to the steep climb of the Holy cave.Snowing all around
was not possible due to the shortage of rainfall and ice this year.




After reaching the summit ,it was a great experience to witness the Holy cave amongst the
mountains surrounding it all around and Indian flags being hoisted around the cave.
Lot of security and protection was there for the pilgrims to ensure a smooth and delightful
experience.This time even extra caution was taken by the J&K government to ensure that no terror attacks engulf the place and bother tourists.Above all,it was a nice and handsome
experience at the end amidst of all the speculations whether we could be sighting The Ice Shivling.


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