Trekking gears


The choice of trekking gears can be a tough one but it should vest on the individual to decide on the correct one depending upon the shape,size and height of the person.It is best to get the gears from an authorized sports shop that can provide the best and smartest choice at an affordable price.

With Trekking gears at Kufri
Near the rocky ridges of Kufri
Skiing zone of Narkanda
Trekking on the skiing zone of Narkanda

I got my hiking dress from one of the authorized sports shop in Manali and was quite fortunate enough to get the proper color for the trail that suits my personality.It was an indigo coloured hiking dress that I wear everytime I go for a trail.It gives me extra security and I don’t need a jacket above it to protect myself.It’s quite warm and I can survive the cold bitterness of the region and manage the body heat.It is essential to get the right ones irrespective of the cost incurred so that it lasts long and there are no issues in the future.

Core areas of narkanda
Approaching the core areas of the forest
Near Solang
Near Solang Valley

Among other trekking gears I prefer branded black colored sports shoes as I want to get rid of buying a new one every time and can get expensive at times.I do carry a cyan colored torch light to get some spark during twilight and dusk and has the best energy level.I do carry one stove,5 mineral water bottles that is capable of holding 2 litres of water.Jackets are an option and I rarely use them,instead I would prefer a windcheater to get rid of the cold breeze blowing across the hamlet.We have to make the smartest choice in choosing the right and proper gears for any hiking event as it would give all the fun and satisfaction required for the trail.

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