A Travellers Experience:Outer Layers

Outer Layers

I am what I am and not defined by others actions and words.I am an aspiring travel writer/travel blogger who wants all the little things in life and make it look like the most decisive and important phases of my life span.I may not be a perfect individual but definitely tries to be real and authentic in what I do and how I treat people and things.I treat all the phases of my life like a journey and not as a competition as it is my way to do so and make this world a much lesser competitive place to live in  as increased competition makes life less healthier and comfortable to live in.

Infact I love people who tells me the truth no matter how hard they are keeping the consequences in mind.My favorite color is blue and it suits my personality and trait since I am fairer as compared to others and I feel that I look good and subtle in appearance.I also prefer blue as the travel blogs official color and I would associate and reveal this to all other fellow travel bloggers.I may be wrong or it may be my obsession to think so but I would like to convey that Blue signifies bliss and harmony and a desire to do something better than yesterday and make an adventurous entry.

I would like to tell my fellow travel bloggers and writers that blue is everywhere whether its the sky,the lake,the ocean,the blue mountain peaks or the blue lagoon-the all time favorite drink of millions.As I discussed earlier I prefer mostly blue uniforms as it gives a very auspicuos and charismatic look and not blunt and shining like red or other colors.It signifies a gentle message and it suits both young and elderly people.Myself being an Indian I find it very annoying that the color is missing in our national flag.