Auli:Skiing retreat in Garhwal

Auli remains the skiing retreat for travelers and mountain lovers across the terrain.It’s
next to impossible to find a place with all 4 combinations namely Gondola,lake,skiing
destination and enchanting mountains of the Garhwal Himalayas. Auli is a few kilometers drive from the small town of Joshimath and it is a steep ascent from there covered with ice and snow all around the vicinity.

Gondola car rides
Peaks of Garhwal
Artificial Lake

Auli remains the skiing capital of India as it is opened throughout the year and gives
travelers an urge to compare it with other skiing destinations of the country and rate it
highly.There are rest houses for accommodation and individual houses built by the local villagers for a sojourn in the territory.The place offers fascinating views of Nanda Devi,Trishul and other neighboring peaks from the region that allows people to get the best glimpse of these high rising peaks.

To and fro Cable car rides
Windmills planted at tandem at the arcade

Auli is a place in the hilly arcades of Uttarakhand that offers the best views in terms of
natural scenery,landscape and Himalayan serenity.The Lord Curzon trail and the Kuari pass trek starts from this area and can be completed in three or four days time depending upon the nature of the trek.The food has the delight of the local region and a stay of a day or two can bring the magic and the enthrallment in the travelers minds and hearts.There is isolation and silence that attracts travelers with the serenity and the exquisiteness of the region under propinquity.

Garhwal ranges of Uttarakhand


Auli remains a cold territory covered with snow during maximum time of the year.People plan an escape from the summers engulfing the cities for a retreat to this hilly arcade.Winter sports,skiing,trekking are favourite activities for the perfect traveler who has gone to keep the mountain wanderlust in them alive and dynamic.


Five Reasons to visit Kolkata

Kolkata,the headquarters of East India and the capital of India till 1912 before Indian
Independence has its own flavor and piquancy to attract travelers from all around the world.It is now the capital of West Bengal and dominated by the Congress group and has seen lot of improvements in the past few years both socially and economically and preserved its lost glory and heritage which went missing few years ago.

Ganges spreading its charm
Princep Ghat

The major attraction in the outskirts of the city is Diamond harbour which is a concursion of Bay of Bengal and the Hooghly river.It is one of the most prominent and promising centres of fishery,merchandise in the South 24 Parganas district.Different varieties of fishes are exported from the harbour to other parts of the country and their piquancy can be felt and experienced.

Princep Ghat premises
Princep Ghat and Ganga

Thirdly we have the reminisces of Sri swami Vivekananda in the interiors of the city,the ashram and dwelling place and his complete works can be found in the form of books and other journals sold within the ashrams.He was a prominent figure in the 18th century and a Hindu monk who became very famous because of his intellect and mind power and is regarded as the youth icon of India.We have his
potraits and statues in different parts of the city and an inspiration for people of all ages to follow his teachings.

Durga Puja celebrated in October month
Merchandise exchanged in harbour

Fourthly there are other attractions within the heart of the city like the Victoria Memorial.Fort Williams,Birla Planetarium,Science city,Princep Ghat and other amusement parks.There are some education institutes which has gained
international exposure and a pride for the city.Some popular streets like Park street,Saltlake,Esplanade,Chandni Chowk are in the heart of the city and very much established.The trams and taxis are a delight to watch and joy rides in the city.

Finally the food of the region has attracted both the minister and millions in the country.The different varieties of sweets available in major city outlets has attracted the couch potatoes and food lovers across the region.The festivals
of Durga Puja and other important traditional festivals has stolen the hearts of millions in the country and made Kolkata the cornerstone of major important festivals in India.


Judgement-Is it prejudice?

Is it good to judge people?I feel when you judge someone,it defines you and not them .However we should judge people only on their actions and not what they speak or say.

When you judge someone,you have to decide and think about their caste,religion and the principles they practice or follow else its stupidity to make irrelevant comments and remarks.When people judge me,i don’t take it seriously unless it affects me in a way where I cannot stand properly into a defendable position.Judgement should be purely based on someone’s actions and not what they merely say or comment.

Traveling to lot of places has helped me judge people better and make the correct decisions in life.Staying in one place for a longer duration of time and mixing with other cultures and traditions can help you become a better observer and judge but it cannot make you perfect unless you understand the religion they practice and inculcate.My final opinion on judgement would vest upon the fact that judgement should be based purely on an individuals action irrespective of religion,caste,creed and appearance.

Peaks of Sangla

The high rising mountain peaks of Sangla offers a miraculous vista to all travelers and
mountain lovers across the globe.They mostly remain covered with ice throughout the year and mesmerizes every unanimous traveler with its inexplicable advent.The peaks surround the valley all across the terrain and the presence of green alpine meadows creates an abysmal natural beauty and looks infinitely glittering and imposing throughout the day.

White snow clad peaks of Sangla
Avenues for accommodation at Sangla Valley


Sangla Peaks

Sometimes clouds encircle making them invisible but they look dazzling otherwise creating tremendous brilliance in the adjoining region.The atmosphere is wonderful and a perfect place to escape the summer heat and a retreat for most of the people willing to know about unconventional destinations and increase their topographical proficiency.The region receives moderate rainfall and looks sensational and sparkling in the presence of the morning sun and ravishing and stunning in twilight.

Snow clad peaks of Sangla


Sangla Valley peaks

These peaks are considered sacred Gods and have exceptional and colossal presence and actualization.They are normally visible from the streets and every corner of the valley.Individuals stand and wait for long hours to catch hold of their inscrutable emergence in their lenses.On delving further,I found that these peaks are normally without grass and exposed but snow remains in them througout the year.The inhabitants and the food has an aromatic and ambrosial piquancy and hotels and lodges are also there creating accommodation avenues in the region for mountain lovers.

Go-Carting now reaches Himalayan circuit

Go-carting is now a popular event across India with its presence in major cities of India and the Himalayan circuit as well.Recently on my visit to one of the fun filled cities of India,Shimla I came to know the existence and the importance of Go-Carting in Kufri,Shimla.It’s one of the popular events in Himachal apart from skiing,paragliding and rock climbing.

Kufri Fun world
Go Carting ground

The importance of this activity is felt in a more promising way due to the presence of pristine mountains of Greater Himalayas and alpine meadows.The ground is spread across a major area in a serene and calm environment bordering the mountains and enclosing the Himalayan circuit.I felt it more promising than other go-carting venues across India due to its geographical location and bearings.

The Wheels
Different Colored flags hoisted in the ground

Travelers get seven rides for a trip and also enjoy the environment alongside the drive and some other rides and happenings in the fun world.The magic lies in the wheels and the speed of these go-carting vehicles which makes it unexampled and distinct as compared to its peers.There is also an option of changing the wheels or the cart vehicle in the middle of the ride if one wants to while doing a self ride in the artery.

 Mountains of Greater Himalayas
One of the biggest grounds for Go-Carting

Elephants:Best ecosystem architects of Nature

Elephants are the best ecosystem architects of Nature and they play a very vital role in maintaining the habitats.They are preserved and nurtured properly in forests and other biospheres as they help to sustain the ecological balance of the environment.Elephants are big sized species on land till now defeating its peers and other foes and can be considered as an important animal with large benefits.

Indian Elephants
Best ecosystem engineers of Nature


African Elephants

They are considered as water sources in Wild jungles as they help to dig wells and find water for other species and organisms so people run after them for search of water.They also sustain the environment where they thrive by clearing out big trees and barks making space for other organisms to live on the habitat.Their dung can be considered as an important step towards growth of seeds,etc.

Elephants blowing their trumpet
Elephants with trunks

They serve a very useful purpose by helping other organisms and animals in the habitat.Without them,the entire ecosystem is empty and void.Lot of care is now being taken in forests of Bandipur,Mudumalai,Kanha and Corbett to preserve them and realize their importance and virtue and the good they do to others.In my opinion,they are the largest creatures in land and the best ecosystem engineers of any nation so proper steps should be taken to nurture and feed them and prevent from becoming endangered.

Yumthang:An eternal place in the Lap of Nature

Yumthang is a magical place in the travel dictionary of North Sikkim and situated in the extreme corner of the Eastern Himalayas.Not known by many,this place offers a breath taking view of the Mighty Himalayas and a tributary of the river Teesta flows past the valley.This place is actually a silent valley in North Sikkim and also known by the name Valley of Flowers of the East.


We reached Lachung by traveling a distance of around 12 hours in car to acclimatize the day and spend the night at the lodge and get ready the next day for travel to Yumthang valley.Lachung is actually the gateway to the valley and proper arrangements available for travelers to spend the night in proximity with the Himalayan serenity.It takes around 1 hour to reach Yumthang from Lachung but the place remains covered with snow during maximum time of the year so the proper season to visit this valley would be around March-April.


After reaching Yumthang,there were the dense forests of mighty Himalayas and the sweet chirping sounds of the birds and the high flowing stream of the river Teesta that stole our breadth and we got lost in the beauty and the magnificence of the enigmatic divinity.Few tea stalls were available in the region we had to wear our woolen clothes tight to beat the bitter coldness across the region.Yumthang is actually a beautiful place in the lap of Nature among rhodendrons and wild flowers and the presence of natural snow makes it really splendid and magnificent and a wonderful destination to witness the grandiosity of the mighty Himalayas.


Chocolate Caramels of Western Ghats

When it comes to select the best chocolate caramels in India,it has to be none other than the ones that are found in the Western Ghats.There are chocolate museums in different corners  of the region that urges people to take a step forward and visit the museums where these chocolates are manufactured and sold in white boxes.Travelers come to know the actual process implemented nowadays to make and manufacture these chocolates and give them the spice that can attract millions in the country.

Varieties of Chocolates
Fermentation Process
Health Benefits of chocolates

The promising feature lies in their variety and taste due to which people visit these museums and factories in huge numbers and give them first priority before convoying the region and enjoying its distinction and eminence.There are quite a few number of chocolate  factories established in the area and recently launched museums to depict their importance and brilliance.Travelers also get a chance to actually taste and smell these chocolates  before actually purchasing them.

Chocolates sold in packets
Chocolate museums
Chocolate factories visible from the suburbs

The various varieties that are really appealing to the travelers are white chocolates,fruit chocolates,the flavored ones and the dark brown ones.Fruit chocolates are the most expensive and unique ones not found in all corners of the country.They are normally charged in the price range of Rs 100-200 for every 100 grams and the most widely sold amongst the rest.The chocolate factories and museums are normally placed adjacent to the tea and the oil factories so that people coming from different corners of the world know their variety and richness in terms of the quality.They are even sold in different city outlets almost in the same price ranges so that there is no discrimination between the ones that are available in the authorized factories.

Chasing the Wild at Bandipur

It was an enticing empiricism to chase the wild at Bandipur National Park at Karnataka.Two hours short drive from Ooty takes us to the Man Eaters of Nilgiris which is a part of the Nilgiris Biosphere reserve.There are deodar,pine trees and most of the area traveled is covered with forests and creates an impeccable hysteria in the minds of  wildlife enthusiasts across the country.It is a notable place in the minds of wildlife photographers and nature lovers and enthusiasts and is worth a visit during any time of the year.

Best ecosystem engineers of the country
Approaching the core area of the forest reserve

There are waterfalls,tea gardens,border check posts between the two adjoining states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.The tourism sector is prevalent in these areas as the only means of business across the region.One important factor that fascinates me are the chocolate factories all along the way and some museums depicting the importance of various brands of chocolates.They are affordable and within the reach of the middleman and sold in grams in various town outlets.

The drier areas of the jungle depicting the various forms of trees

Tiger spotting was something that did not materialize due to lack of time and hectic
schedule.The national bird,wild elephants,different types of deer,sloth bear,unique monkeys were visible in the jungle areas traversed in the safari bus.It is quite refreshing for the mind and the body and more importantly the eyes to visit the green areas of the region that creates an unfathomable interest to convoy this important forest area.Bandipur remains the largest national park in Karnataka defeating its peers and competitors.Lot of care is being taken by the Govt Of Karnataka and developments being undertaken in different forms to preserve
the area covered under forests and maintain its dignity.

Core areas of the forest

Dry deciduos forests are dominant in the national park and adjoining areas of Bandipur tiger reserve which is located in the area compounding the Deccan Plateau and Western Ghats.There are lot of flora depicting the value of the region including bamboo,rosewood,sandalwood and other endangered species which are found in various corners of the forests.Overall it was an important and exciting travel adventure during my travel lifespan to cherish good memories for the future.

Trekking gears


The choice of trekking gears can be a tough one but it should vest on the individual to decide on the correct one depending upon the shape,size and height of the person.It is best to get the gears from an authorized sports shop that can provide the best and smartest choice at an affordable price.

Near the rocky ridges of Kufri
Trekking on the skiing zone of Narkanda

I got my hiking dress from one of the authorized sports shop in Manali and was quite fortunate enough to get the proper color for the trail that suits my personality.It was an indigo coloured hiking dress that I wear everytime I go for a trail.It gives me extra security and I don’t need a jacket above it to protect myself.It’s quite warm and I can survive the cold bitterness of the region and manage the body heat.

Approaching the core areas of the forest
Near Solang Valley

Among other gears I prefer branded black colored sports shoes as I want to get rid of buying a new one every time and can get expensive at times.I do carry a cyan colored torch light to get some spark during twilight and dusk and has the best energy level.I do carry one stove,5 mineral water bottles that is capable of holding 2 litres of water.jackets are an option and I rarely use them,instead I would prefer a windcheater to get rid of the cold breeze blowing across the hamlet.We have to make the smartest choice in choosing the right and proper gears for any hiking event as it would give all the fun and security required for the trail.