Weekly Photo Challenge Resilient


It’s tough and challenging for individuals living under the sheath of the brownish mountains of the Trans Himalayan region when there is nothing much left for them to do rather than building their small wooden houses,making proper planning for planting their own natural and fundamental ways of farming and vegetation.

Brownish mountains
Red brownish mountains and some life thriving under them

When I traversed through these rocky mountains of the region I saw something unique and a landscape which I had never witnessed before in my entire life.Tough and hardy people making a living under these mountains and maintaining the vegetal is something to praise for and be proud of irrespective of the difficulty penetrating across the region.The mountains became brownish red due to the scorching effect of the sun and their appearance became very terrifying and alarming.One landslide or earthquake could change the entire scenario prevailing in the region and could ruin the lives of hundreds living in the habitat.

Mountains standing tall
Mountains standing tall and life thriving under them

These people are living there for hundreds of years and thanks to the entire community and the ecosystem for being kind and gentle towards these inhabitants.It requires tremendous perseverance,infinite patience and hardships to confront to the circumstances prevalent in the region.Irrespective of these adversities and grievances the people live there celebrating the famous Kumbh Mela of Himalayas and maintain a resilient and cohesive lifestyle not led my many and something to remember and be proud of the region and the inhabitants.

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