Suraj Tal:The placid lake of the Sun


Inscribed within The Mountains of Greater Himalayas is the Suraj Tal lake bordering Baralacha La which is one of the high altitude passes in the world.Suraj Tal derives its name from Sun meaning sunshine,glow and radiance when there is darkness and eclipse around.The Lake is deep and shorter in length and covered with ice during winters.It is one of the prominent lakes in Himachal besides Chandra Tal and Prashar Lake and comes under the Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh.When the reflection of the empyrean falls obliquely on the lake the color is an eye catcher and the cynosure of all eyes.

A pack of shepherds
Suraj Tal in summers
Suraj Tal and surrounding environment

The magnitude of the lake is of high decree and trekkers and travelers come from different corners of the world to explore its virtue and camping down at Sarchu.We bonfired across the lake in a chilled winter night to explore the grandeur and the beauty of the region covered under vicinity.The presence of colored flags across the region is meant to drive out the wicked and evil enclosing the frontier.It was an enthralling savoir faire for me and my companions to have conquered the lake and appreciate and adore its ambiance.

In proximity with Suraj Tal
Suraj Tal

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