The First stint of snow in the Eastern Himalayas

With the first stint of snow in the Eastern Himalayas it is ripening time for tourists and
the travel industry and other business ventures.The redolence and the stench of first snow urges travelers across India to survey the region with a positive vehemence and empathy.Normally the places of interest are North Sikkim and some important snow recipients are in the Darjeeling district and the Hindustan Tibet road.

First stint of snow in Eastern Himalayas
Eastern Himalayan fantasy

Snow is untainted and virginal and its flavor and spice summon young travelers to go whimsical and frenetic over the cast of its spell during the season.It is imperative to
plan and make a strategem to vigil the important places undergoing the metamorphosis.Our plan was a success and we managed to cover the entire region in less than two weeks time.The harrowing factor in the trip was the crowd which were psychic like us to witness the offerings that Nature had to bestow on the travelers.

Eastern Himalayan ecstasy






The endemic and primitive happenings are the various species of rhodendrons which are inborn along with the smell of first snow in the region.The subtle variation with the Northern Himalayas cast of fresh snow are the width of the ice and the frequent blizzard which is rare in the Eastern Himalayas.The peaks,trees and the houses gets capped and enveloped with snow and the most agonizing factor is that the regions become periodically unaccessible to survey that enforces inhabitants to come down to a safer habitat and sustain their business.