Experience of climbing Thajiwas Glacier

Thajiwas Glacier is located in Sonmarg in the district of Jammu and Kashmir.Is is one of
the most enchanting and fascinating happenings in the life of a climber traveller.Trekkers
and climbers from all corners of Himalayas gather around in a group to make a round circle and celebrate their victory and joy.

Thajiwas Glacier


Thajiwas Glacier

Snow remains throughout the year all around the region and make the most interesting
event in the local Jammu Kashmir news channel.The best time to climb the glacier would
be around March-April where one can feel the smell of fresh snow.Ice skating and skiing
are one of the most popular events happening in this place.Local horses do operate in this
area and are a means of helping the aged.





Climbing this glacier was one of the most important and interesting happenings in my life.It was a tough climb and i enjoyed every moment of it and the presence of fresh snow made it even more memorable and exciting and cherish for entire life.I used the same trekking gear that I normaly use to climb any mountain but had to take extra caution to manage the slippery rocks because of heavy rainfall during this time of the year.The local climbers made it even more joyful and easier as they knew the hazards in the route.They were quite helpful in deciding the correct route in climbing the glacier.The experiences were quite rich and diverse and was one of the most fascinating mountain climb in my life.I climbed it along with 2 local climbers in a time span of less than 2 hours.The entire picturesque was amazing and breadth taking and some of the biggest peaks of Northern Himalayas like Amarnath and others are even visible from the sight.

Green Meadows of Sonmarg