Tales from an Indian Lepcha village

Lepcha villages are quite popular in India and they are widespread across various areas and districts but few of them are also based out of the country as well.Having heard about them before drove me to a place known as Loleygaon in the Kalimpong district.A fours drive through the tea gardens and lush green fields and meadows was something to cherish this year end before the new year actually begins on a positive and striking note.The road was a challenging one through the river Teesta and gravel and rocks decussating museums and monastries along the route to the lepcha village.

Dense forests
Thick and dense forests


The route to the village
Enroute to the Lepcha village
Green water
Green water of Teesta
The green grasslands

There were wooden houses built by the locals in propinquity with the hotels and home stays available in the district.We had to traverse through the gravel road from a district known as Lava to reach the destination.On reaching the hamlet we could find lot of Buddhist paintings and statues portraying the importance of the religion and the people living in the district.The entire area was covered by the dense forests of the Neora Valley National park which is the gateway to this important village of Loleygaon.The route is a waved one through tough and steep ridges covered by thick and condensed
forests of the national park.

Children playing
Children landing from the top
The Lakeview
The Hanging bridge
Hanging bridge

I could track some small houses and the people living inside them making some intelligent moves to improve their lifestyle and find some unique ways of earning their daily livelihood and maintain a decent style of living.Children were putting their hands to help parents in their daily work.They wore thick and woolen clothes to keep themselves wrapped up and protect from the cold and escape the bitterness of the temperature which goes beyond -10 degrees during the evening and night.Some villagers  maintained shops for selling groceries,fruits,drinks and daily requirements of a household.Some people had their own cars for helping tourists coming to explore this beautiful lepcha village and the landscape surrounding it.There were tea gardens maintained
by the government and the private landlords in the outskirts of the village.Tea leaves are really popular for their taste,perfume and flavor in this part of the country and are exported worldwide.

Outskirts of the village
Village outskirts
From the lakeside
View from the lake
The roads of Loleygaon
Neora Valley
The forests of Neora velley National park

The innocent faces of children made me feel for them and the alchemy drove me to one of the monastries helping the poor in funding the poorer ones without food and water.Their eyes were very captivating and alluring and they really looked blessed in getting the offerings of Nature helping them plant and grow their own food in the vicinity.The surrounding view of the snow clad peaks made the village look even more comely,dignified and conventional making it a succinct place in the lap of Eastern Himalayas.Not to mention about the colored leaflets being kept in the roadside to drive the wicked and the evil away from the region and trigger an alarm to the villagers to maintain peace and stability in the area.


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