The syrupy and authentic rhododendrons

If you want to track and taste the best quality of rhododendrons then the authentic and the best varieties can be found in the Kumaon ranges of Uttarakhand in India.They are found in other parts of India like the Garhwal,Eastern Himalayas and also in some parts of the Northern Himalayas.Being the national flower of Nepal,they may be either
deciduous or evergreen and can be found in most corners of the world.They are accessible and found abundantly in the Kumaon belt namely Sitlakhet and on the way to Munsiyari,India,.

The red flowers of rhododendrons
Rhododendrons as spotted from Khalia Top

Rhododendrons growing in the tree branches
Rhododendrons spreading their oasis

My experience has been mostly wonderful in the Kumaon Himalayas of Uttarakhand where the species are grown as delicate plants and I have been lucky and fortunate enough to see the different varieties growing in solidarity in the wild  trees encompassing the region.They grow throughout the year but the majority of its species are seen after the autumn season and they keep intriguing people across the world.The authentic rhododendrons do provide us with lots of health benefits including blood purifier,increasing energy level and treatment of skin ailments and also acts as an health drink appetizer.

A bunch of rhododendrons
Evergreen rhododendrons


Rhododendrons growing together in the trees
Rhododendrons growing in solidarity in the trees

Varieties of rhododendrons
Different species of rhododendrons

There are syrups and juices extracted or prepared from the flowers and sold in glass bottles and can be purchased for a few bucks .i.e 5$ per bottle.To prepare,there should be two tea spoons of the syrupy material with cold water and 1 cup of sugar to get the best taste and the flavor.Since there are different species of it,the taste may vary depending upon the different categories of it being available and cultivated in India.The syrups are normally deep red in color and very much concentrated and sold in bottles or plastic containers.It would be good enough to mix it with water and sugar along
with three tea spoons of the syrup and serve and drink it to get the authentic taste and flavor of these rhododendrons.

Rhododendrons classified as deciduos
Deciduos rhododendrons

It is essential to compare it with the authentic rhododendrons that are available in the region than the ones which are not the original quality that are being sold to lure and fool people willing to get the real taste of the flower.Normally the label outside the bottle and the place where they are manufactured can give you the real estimate or take the best opinion in deciding the superior or the actual variety of the species.The species are grown and manufactured throughout the year so it would be wise to plan a trip to the Kumaon spectrum once in a lifetime to accomplish,experience and feel the piquancy
of the best varieties of the species.

The red rhododendrons spotted on a wild tree
Species of rhododendrons as seen from Munsiari

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  1. I had no idea that we could eat rhodendrons. What a fascinating article. There are so many varieties. This is something I’d like to try!

    1. Katie-It’s rhododendrons and not rhodendrons..yes there are various varieties..Most are found in Kumaon spectrum and other parts of Himalayas..

  2. Very fun article! I have both been in Nepal and in India but I havent really thought about the rhodendrons! We might have seen the beautiful flowering but never knew what it was. Now I wish to taske the syrup! And I wish though you had a closer photos of the flower and the fruit.

    1. Dada-It’s rhododendrons and not rhodendrons..Yes you get to taste it and found only in select places especially close to Himalayas

  3. Those are pretty flowering trees. They add a splash of color in the monotony of green. But what struck me the most was the mountains on the first picture. We are mountaineers and the sight of those snowy mountains just……awoke the adventurous spirit in us. 🙂

  4. I will be honest, I had no idea rhododendrons were so beneficial in so many ways! I for sure did not know they were from Asia. They are beautiful plant and so colorful. I learned alot from this article and will pass this information on to my Mother (she has the green thumb in the family).

    1. Yes actually to be precise,you don’t directly eat it.They are extracted and we actually get to taste and drink the syrup but its natural

  5. Rhododendrons are really gorgeous and special plants. And their flowers are extraordinary. I have not seen them blooming in Nepal, but what a lovely contrast between the beauty of the rhododendrons and the magnificent mountains.

  6. The rhododendrons look beautiful, its good to hear they are as sweet as their appearance. They seem like a rare fruit indeed with a lovely flower. i guess they would cost a fortune if exported to other countries!

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