Spiti|Cold mountain desert

Spiti is a mystery for young travelers across the planet because of its unique geographical location and latitude.It is the cold mountain desert of Himachal Pradesh.The best time to visit Spiti would be in the winter months of December and January and I did the same by traveling a whopping distance of 8 hours in car from Manali with one halt at Gramphoo and the other on the entrance to the valley.There were barbed wires placed at intervals for fencing livestock and scarce vegetation across the green meadows and fields of the valley.Spiti is a magical valley that looks very arid in summers and cool in winter season.There are monasteries,stupas of international importance in the region and it is also the corner point for many trekking expeditions.

Route to Chandra Taal
Approaching Chandra Tal

Cold Mountain desert
Mountain desert

Landscape encircling Kaza

I drove the car solo starting at 6 am in a cold winter morning with no one backing me up for the trip.It was really fascinating to traverse through the high altitude passes of Rohtang and Kunzum in the way..Spiti is also popular among foreign and Indian tourists due to the presence of alpine meadows and some monasteries proclaiming the importance and existence of Buddhism in India.The photos taken during the voyage truly represents the life thriving there and if you see the photos carefully you can scale them and map it to perfection

Green Meadows across Spiti

Towards Kaza

The natural landscape of Spiti resembles a cold desert and not like a mere hill station of sorts.The food is awesome in the valley and gives a true taste of the Lama food available in the region.I stayed in a cheap small lodge to spend the day and acclimatize myself with the weather and the surrounding environment.People in the region were very hospitable and friendly and preached us the importance of the terrain and the area under vicinity.

Route to Spiti Valley
Entering the Spiti District

Approaching Spiti

The most important aspect is that the popular treks of Pin Parvati and Bhaba Pass starts from the place and that is also another reason why trekkers and hardcore travelers find this place very useful and significant.Spiti remains the most important cold mountain desert of Himachal and its a great feeling to come out of the place with rejuvenating memories and reflection of the past travel and encourage passionate young travelers to add this place to their travel wishlist for the future.

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