Winds talk to each other in Sitlakhet


Sitlakhet,a small hill station in the Kumaon ranges of Uttarkhand is one of the least explored destinations and hidden among the dense forests of Kumaon in North India.It is a 4 hrs drive and at a distance of 86 kms from the lake capital of Uttarakhand,Nainital.

Sitlakhet Scenery
Winds dictating and trees witnessing their elocution


Sitlakhet is a place where winds talk to each other and heaven awaits for every like minded traveler.If one can feel the same through his mind and heart they could realize that the winds dictate each other in the early and late evening hours with trees witnessing their presence and supervising and interpreting their elocution.There are KMVN tourist rest houses and assorted home stay rentals available at cheap budget for travelers willing to do a night stay or so in Sitlakhet.Many like minded travelers or tourists do not know that a place like Sitlakhet exists in Nainital and Munsiyari route due to human negligence and lack of geographical knowledge.

Kumaon spectrum



On the way to Sitlakhet

We managed to pack and carry our sleeping bags and organize a camp around the forest area of Sitlakhet with bonfire to warm ourselves for the night.We could hear and auscultate some sounds of wild animals in the woodland area but that could not plunder or perturb our impulse the excitement and adventure planned for the midnight.We sang,danced,took weird photographs,created whimsical sounds to surprise the animals and scram our fear.A place where winds talk amidst of thousands of trees and mountains of the Himalayas harnessing their actions is subtle and sparse in India so I would instigate and enliven young travellers to add this hamlet to their travel wishlist.

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