Anecdotes of the cyclops Shyok


The Shyok Valley circumscribing the cyclops Shyok is a majestic and elemental piece of attraction edging the Trans Himalayas.The valley is mostly torrid with sparse vegetation and is the gateway to the Nubra sand dunes.The road across the valley consists of gravel and stony rocks and can be considered as one of the toughest roads to traverse in the world.

Shyok river enclosing Diksit monastery
Shyok river enclosing the Diksit monastery

Cyclops Shyok
Shyok river frozen

The cyclops Shyok inscribing the valley is an orphic water stream that is believed to have
formed from the Rimo glacier.The. river is quite dense and big and the high stream is a retreat to watch flowing past the valley.Gradually as we come closer to the dunes area the water from the river gradually decreases and forms a substantial white lining.There is a saying that 'Mountains are a pleasure if you drive with leisure which is true provided one understands the same and does a self riding on this artery.

Trans Himalayas
The Trans Himalayas surrounding the Shyok enclave

Trans Alpine magnetism
Trans Alpine magnetism enclosing the Shyok boulevard

Even the mountains of the Trans Himalayan belt seems to be scorching and heated due to the desert like formation and the presence of dunes all across the realms.There are camels with two projections on their back and a ride on them can be intriguing and the same can be felt if we love sitting on their body and enjoying the jaunt.There are some important monastries that tumbles across the valley and have been set up in the environs to maintain peace and stability.There are very few inhabitants in the region and due to the lack of proper water and vegetation life is vigorous and inflexible.The prominent feature to be observed is the presence of different and divergent group of mountains of both the Himalayas and the Trans Himalayan belt which is a perfunctory cornerstone
in the life of a geo traveller.

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