Rendezvous with Scotland

Finding Your Place


Scotland,one of the worlds cleanest country is an epitome of Britons and Vikings.The Western Highlands engulf the country making it a land of mountains.It is surrounded by the Atlantic ocean and is engulfed by lot of islands including the Northern Isles.Edinburgh and Glasgow form the major cities of Scotland.

The islands are a retreat for tourists visiting the country.The calm and soothing atmosphere provides a scintillating environment for tourists to re-acclimatize  onself and get lost in the mountain wilderness dispersed with the silent valleys and lakes.Scotland has a temperate climate throughout the year.



The city chambers in Glasgow has been the headquarters of the city council located in the George square.The national animal of the country is the unicorn an epitome since the 12th century.It enjoys independent representation at many international sporting events including the Cricket,FIFA World Cups,etc..



Scotland an important place is an epitome of Britons and Vikings  and a place to cherish for every traveller.Magical islands galore from this place and without much debating travellers can mark it in the top five list of places in the world to visit.This is one place where I would love to be some time during my life span to refresh and cherish the memories I had when I visited it the first time as I feel there are lesser places like this in the world.