Sangla:Lost in Mountain Wilderness

Sangla is one magical place in the dictionary of travelers which can leave any traveler speechless.The winds do talk here and mind does reflect the soul in this place.There is mountain wilderness all around surrounded by beautiful flowers especially if one visits Sangla in the spring season.Vegetation is diverse and people living around this area have a modest and easy life.

Sangla Valley
Sangla Valley

Mountains clapped with snow are visible from all around the valley.The whole scene is even worth watching from some summit where there are the green meadows,flowers blossoming all around the valley with mountains forming the boundary.It is one of the most beautiful valleys of India which is the gateway to Kinnaur and other important places like Chitkul and kalpa.

Peaks at Sangla
Sangla Mountains

Buses operate daily twice a day in the Sangla-Kinnaur-Chitkul routes and are a means of
communication for the locals in the region.The road is very challenging and one of the
deadliest roads in the world and the driver needs to be extra vigilant in taking proper
measures for smooth driving.Life can be monotonous sometimes and deadly but places like Sangla can fill everyone’s soul.Traveling to Sangla was one of the most happening events and something to relish for whole life.