Riding through the enticing elegance of Nainital


Nainital,a small hill station in the Kumaon district of Uttarakand is a wonder of Mother nature that attracts millions of travellers across the globe.A weekend gateway drive of around 6-7 hours from Delhi will take you to important places that fall in the way which are Rampur,Bilaspur and Haldwani.There is another route via the Corbett National Park  to reach Nainital but the time taken is much longer than the normal route.

naini lake
Mango shaped Naini Lake

nainital submerged in snow
Nainital submerged in ice

Nainital is famous because of the mango shaped Naini lake situated within the region and it takes a mango shape if viewed from the top.The perception is easily comprehensible and the vision is quite enchanting and rewarding for any passionate traveler.On viewing the lake from the top we can see the boats and people sitting on them and enjoying the cruise.There is a huge difference in taking the photos from the top rather than on the lake side as the scaling would be better.The pristine mountains boundering Nainital are amazing and mesmerizing and the presence of snow makes it look and feel like Heaven.Attractions within the region include Tiffin top which is the highest point ,Echo Cave gardens,the Naini temple,Naini lake and the Snow view point.Important places that can be reached from Nainital are Mukteswar(The Shivatemple),Ranikhet,Almora,Pittoragarh,Binsar,Kausani,Chaukhori and Munsiyari(End of Kumaon Himalayas).

Temperature remains cold mostly throughout the year with snowfall occuring in the winter months of November,December and January.The region looks like a treasurer of fresh snow and the smell of snow can decoy and hypnotize any individual.Trees and houses remain covered with snow and are mostly invisible and the entire area looks as if snow has garland the entire region with the Naini Lake in the middle of the panorama.

Snowfall in November

Tiffin top
Tiffin Top Nainital

Reminisce arising from this region are quite promising,graceful and rewarding for any backpacker or hardcore traveler and would give the urge to visit the region again and witness the beauty and the grandeur of the Pristine Himalayas bordering Kumaon.All that is required to make it more memorable and fanciable is to have a good camera,proper trekking gears and sleeping bags during the journey.If one loves Nature more than material possessions and people then Nainital would be the perfect destination for the same.