Wandering in the Silk route a few weeks ago before the New Year
started,I had a lot to learn and experience in
an old Tibetian village near Lungtung,India.I used my camera
to discover the endless variety of charms that the place had to offer.
It could not be a single photo as I had to shoot the place in different
angles in the presence of light.

Eco retreats across the village
The eco resorts across the village
En route to the village
Way to the village
Sunrise point
Sunrise point
The dog

Firstly before I could interact with the denizens of the village,I preferred
to wander near the sunrise point to catch the enigmatic divinity in my lenses.
I explored the grounds of the sunrise point perched above the meandering road.But prior to the actual sunrise,I had to engross myself in silence and wait for quite some time.There were no sounds coming,the only thing that I could feel is the sight of the empyrean changing colors.I enjoyed the view of the morning sun looking like a strawberry and I am really grateful to the clouds for not accumulating during the coverage.

The village and mountains
The village
The village outskirts
Fresh look of the mountains
The mountains

After the sunrise,I was lucky to enjoy the views from the top as I could see the
entire Tibetian village and everything was visible including the monasteries and the retreats.I went to pay a visit to the museums and the other local places and I could hear the sounds of the birds and feel the cool breeze that passed several times a day.I had to capture the old,weathered signs as the day passed by and the houses and retreats survived ages of the sun and winds.The locals living there had innocent faces,the children wore thick clothes to protect themselves from the cold and there was peace and stability in the area.

View from the mountains
The mountain view
The sunrise view
Sunrise view
Winding road
The meandering road

We prepared for campfire at night and everything was completed including the dinner and other celebrations that we had planned for the day.The people prepared their own food and served us throughout the day which was something I had never experienced before.There was lack of mobile
communication in the area but we could go a few miles to regain the coverage and network.The children played cricket in the evening and helped the family in other household work.Everything looked so accomplished before we could make our way to the city and look at the relics from the area.There were ungraveled roads and more than ten twisted alleys in the area so it was good to keep ourselves fit and healthy during the voyage.

Village resorts
Village retreats
Red fruit
The red fruit