Peerless emerald lake in Trans Himalayas

The peerless emerald lake in Trans Himalayas is Tso-Kyogar enclaved by untarnished mountains of the Trans Himalayas.It’s not a colossal lake as compared to Pang or Tsomoriri but enthralls travelers with its perfunctory and ostensible actualization.The green meadows and the emerald color spawns a similitude with the firmament and impulses travelers to rate it very highly and keep it in their top travel wishlist.This lake is the neighbour of Tso Moriri and half the size of it and comes first while driving to the extremities of the region.

Tso Kyogar
Tso Kyogar and its brilliance



Trans Himalayan magnetism
Trans Himalayan magnetism enclosing the lake

I drove the boulevard with my travel gears and managed to capture the glimpse of the fascination and exquisiteness in the lens with the empyrean witnessing its silence and confinement.Embarking the adventure was an interesting and intelligent incentive in my time travel and sparks memories even now to go and eyewitness the lake’s elocution.There were travel hunters like me from different parts of the world that came to create a signatory on the Tso and make a documentary on it.

Peerless emerald lake Tso Kyogar
Tso Kyogar and its appealing pizzazz



There were camps set up for the night to circumvent the day and we savoured and relished all the way through to create shimmering retrospection in our minds.The film makers can consider this peerless emerald lake of the Trans Himalayas as a paradisiacal latitude for romantic pageants and presentations that can attract millions in the country to make a positive vehemence to patrol this corner of the Trans Himalayas.



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