The Travel Therapy


Travel teaches us how to live life and not get bitten by the monotonous routine life.
It acts like a therapy and makes our body feel lighter and much better.Such are the positive effects of Travel Therapy which should be practiced by every individual no matter how busy one’s life is.Travel Therapy acts like a booster in real life and the same can be felt by everyone if he practices the same.The miseries of staying at home confined to one particular culture and location can be overcome by travelling to different location,discovering new cultures and dimensions of life and giving it the correct magnitude.

Travel Therapy
Dal lake,Kashmir

Our body not only need proteins,carbohydrates and minerals but most importantly everything vests in the mind.Our mind needs relaxation,peace and mental stability which can be obtained by traveling.It helps to rejuvenate the soul and the mind.Mind is action of its own nature.The thought is followed by the word and the word by the form.All this can be stopped before the mind reflects the soul.

Traveling makes a man much smarter,peaceful,and keeps him in better control over everything.Concentration can be easily broken but traveling can help to keep that intact in every living being.Whether its a ride to the mountains or the biggest island or a forest adventure,every part and mode of travel has its own advantages and a great impact on the human mind.It builds good memories and helps one to attain perfection so there is a purpose served if one is an indigenous traveler.Travel therapy is therefore essential for positive thinking and living.

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