Chandra Tal:The Lake of Passion and Love

Chandratal meaning the Moon Lake is situated in the Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh.One can go a for a trek from Kunzum Pass and this lake is famous among trekkers and people who likes to walk long across the hills.This place is even motorable by road from Batal or Kunzum Pass but I chose to trek as it was more adventurous and exciting.


Backpacking with one of my friends was a good idea to reach this place filled with excitement and surprise.The mountains across the Lahaul and Spiti Valley engulf this lake and the sight is very charming and is the cynosure of all eyes.Individuals are believed to fall in love in this lake and there are many stories attached to it.The color of this lake appears indigo which is a good combination if one wants to compare it with the color of the sky.

On the way to Chandra Tal


Chandra Tal

Camps and the black colored mountains of the Kunzum pass are visible from all around this lake.There are camps for accommodation for travelers all around but one has to make a plan before reaching this place.Not much provision for food and human necessities are here so it is very important to make a graph if anyone wants to make a night stay around the lake.

Chandra Tal Lake


Himalayan magnetism

Individuals passionate about lakes and their geographical features often come here and visit this moon lake as its a high altitude lake situated around the Himalayas.When the spring season arrives here the meadows are carpetted with lots of flowers and it remains opened and accessible mostly from the month of May till October.Chandratal is the only Sweet water lake in India which has all the three combinations namely the mountains engulfing around the lake,presence of wild flowers in the vicinity and a provision for camping for trekkers for a stay around the lake.


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