Spirituality Vs Religion:Who is the winner?

Spirituality Vs Religion-Which is good and what’s the difference and how it’s related to
Travel.I would like to discuss this hot topic today with my readers and followers and I hope that I will be able to convince them with my perception.The topic is very complicated and requires a crystal insight of the brain and mind.

Traveling is more related to Spirituality and that’s the reason why most people often plan solo trips every now and then.Religion is bondage but Traveling is not,it’s free and most people eventually manage to travel the world with a modest income.Spirituality can be attained from solitude or oneness or by even becoming a hermit.However religion is a practical necessity as well considering the growth and development of any region.Religion is something that separates us from others
so it would be wrong to say that it’s the root cause of all misery and evil.

Wrong Religious practices happening nowadays should be precluded and it is we people who can anticipate the same by preventing animal slaughter,spending huge amounts of money and disregarding the misinterpreters in this field.Every Religion has its own tradition as per human interpretation but it has definitely separated us which may be good or bad depending upon the circumstances.Something that segregates us from others is definitely not good as in Earth ‘We are One’
but it is essential and vital as we realize that people of old age do benefit and gain a lot from religion.As it is required to separate transgenders,bisexuals,homosexuals and lesbians it is sometimes required to isolate people and classify them as Followers of Islam,Followers of Hinduism,Followers of Christianity,Followers of Buddhism and so on.It is also because of the existence of different GOD in each mythology,people have got separated.The authentic meaning of Religion is growth and nothing else.Regional conflicts,disturbances and other political scenarios have made religion a victim and the root cause of all problems which is not true.

Spiritual awakening is not that difficult and no books or temples can make you spiritual.It should come from within which depends upon a person’s individual experience and lifespan.Every one in this world has a role to play and is sent for some purpose which he may or may not be aware of but a spiritual awareness can help identify the same.Traveling in seclusion for longer periods and the practice of oneness helps one to become spiritual which is a sole reality and very much authentic.Traveling to different places all around the world has made me realize all this and I hope that if I am able to convince a single reader with my thoughts I would consider myself very lucky and fortunate.I would like to conclude by saying that In the war between Spirituality Vs Religion,it is Spirituality who is the winner because Religion is following the reporter or the dispatcher which can be deceptive and false.