Sandakphu and Phalut:The spiritual trek


Yes,I am talking about the spiritual trek of Sandakphu and Phalut from Maneybhanjan. There is isolation,wilderness and adventure engulfing the route between Maneybhanjan and Sandakphu.Important places that fall in the way of the trek are Tumling,Kalpokhri Lake,Garibas,Bikhey Bhanja and the famous Singalila National Park.Singalila National Park provides the entry ticket to Sandakphu,the highest point of West Bengal situated at an elevation of around 3500 m.We reached the destination in the afternoon when the weather was clear but soon the entire sight weathered away and became cloudy and nothing was visible.

Sandakphu at twilight
Sandakphu at twilight

The journey from Maneybhanjan can be undertaken by jeep or by trekking which takes two days to reach the destination point.We chose trekking as the preferred means of communication between the two adjoining locations which took around 32 kms i.e 2 days to reach the tourist point of Sandakphu.The ideal season to visit Sandakphu should be March-April to get a clear weather and climate but we preferred June since the wild flowers and the rhododendrons would be blooming in propinquity during that time frame.

Sunrise at Sandakphu
Sunrise at sandakphu

Good luck was not with us when we reached Sandakphu after a tiring spell of trekking and we found rains lashing the entire area very badly.There was nothing much left for us to do rather than to go in the bedroom and play indoors.The rain stopped at around midnight after we rose early in the morning to view the grandeur of the Mighty Kanchenjunga.But even then luck was not with us and we had to return to the hotel with disappointment.It rained till afternoon and we could not do much rather than talking to the locals and the hotel staff to get some information about the spiritual trek.

Sunset at sandakphu
Sunset at Sandakphu
Spiritual trek
Spiritual trek of Sandakphu

Finally around 4 PM when we were about to conclude our journey and return to Maneybhanjan we could see the weather clearing up giving the last chance to witness the beauty of the Eastern Himalayas.The weather actually cleared up before 1 hour of driving back where we could witness and watch the opulence of this mighty peak so close to our eyes with shades of Makalu and Everest visible from the other angle.The beauty and grandeur of that particular moment cannot be described in words and dictum so I just captured some fantastic images of it in my camera for retrospection and reminiscence.Life actually stops and there are some hotels built by the locals around the region where they stay and actually make a living.This place is in the top list in my travel dictionary and I urge my travel friends to make an attempt to visit it during the correct month to witness the opulence and the grandeur of the mighty Himalayas.


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  1. This is exactly what we could call a Hidden Gem. Little known and yet so beautiful, should visit this place before the millions start rushing in.

  2. These photos are awesome! I love the mountains sticking up from above the clouds, such an incredible view.

  3. You should definitely go back so that you can show what it’s like when the rains aren’t pouring down.

  4. I love exploring out of the way places. Sandakphu looks like my kind of place – would be great if I get the chance to see it one day.