Rameswaram and it's importance in India


Rameswaram is located in the Pamban Island in the coastal area of Tamilnadu.The border of Srilanka is close to Rameswaram and a few kilometers away from this abode of Lord Rama.It’s also a place where individuals come with dead ashes of the obituary for the inner peace of the soul.With temples,sea bridges and seashores bordering the city it has lot to offer tourists.


The land is believed to be holy and individuals come for the survival and safety of their family and good wishes and prayers for the deceased.Hinduism is practiced and religion is followed deeply here so temples and other places of interest galore in this area.The practice of Hinduism and religious traditions originated from Rameswaram first and spread to other parts of the country.That religion is a practical necessity and not a theoritical need is observed strictly in Rameswaram and other parts of South India.

Rameswaram Sea Bridge

It’s also one of the places where there is a bridge connecting the railways and the sea and is the longest in India.Also it’s the only place in india where a road connecting buses and taxis are situated in between the sea which is a rare sight for any hardcore traveller.Other parts of South India like Chennai,Kanyakumari are accessible from Rameswaram and a few hours away.There are hotels,lodges for tourists which are quite affordable and within the reach of common man.It is one of the main religious hubs of South India and considered
very sacred and holy.