Raldang:The peak with a thick projection at the top


Yes,this time we attempted Raldang the peak with a thick projection at the top. Raldang peak is situated somewhere in the Greater Himalayas.It is clearly visible from Reckong Peo,Kinnaur.It is believed that the souls of the dead rest in peace in this peak.The inhabitants of the region are very hard working and they have tremendous will power.The grandeur and the majesty of this mountain giant has the ability to attract millions of people who has the mountain wanderlust in them.

The Raldang peak is at a height of around 5499 m above sea level.This peak has lot of stories and myths attached to it.In the early morning the people worship this peak for their well being and good fortune.Its a great climb if one attempts to conquer it and it is’nt a Herculean task to reach there. Raldang does shine in the morning hours and the view is glorious and spectacular in the evening.

Raldang has a thick projection at the top so its quite easy to identify it without any hesitation.The projection is like a trishul of Lord Shiva and neighboring peaks surrounding Raldang are Sarong and Kinnaur Kailash.Its one of the important
peaks in the Kinnaur Kailash Range and has all the ingredients and characteristics to make it to the top 5 peaks of the world.It is quite natural for anyone to get attached to this peak and fall in love with its beauty and features.Travel to Kinnaur or somewhere close to Greater Himalayas in Himachal and you get to see Raldang without any problems.This time the children living in the area were excited and curious to join us but we left them considering the fact that it would be a steep climb. They were a bit angry and scrupulous as to why we did not take them along with us for the climb.

Also Kalpa is one of the places from where this peak is clearly visible and gives us a good glance to peek into the beauty.The experiences are something to cherish for whole life and any mountain climber,trekker should visit it once in their lifetime.