What Nature can bestow

It IS Easy Being Green!

Mother Nature can entrust human beings with its priceless gift and impose everyone with positive effects.Infact human beings should consider Nature as their religion because we are not meant to destroy it by worshipping an unknown deity.The splendid offerings of Mother Nature can be of immense value if we know how to value it.




Nature can create an unknown hysteria among people if we look at it from a religion’s perspective.A man’s religion is to be true to his own nature and once he realizes it he will be able to attain perfection and complete freedom and conquerance over himself.Mother Nature is sumptuous and resplendent and the tantamount can be observed or felt if we can conquer it.




With its swanky contributions,Nature can play a crucial role in helping an individual earn his daily loaf of bread.If man knows how to plant tress and inculcate vegetation out of it then nothing is impossible.I have realized the same when I visited the Hunder village in the tehsil district of Ladakh and saw poor people making a livelihood and living a  happier life than us by following a natural lifestyle.Trees can be planted and if watered and maintained daily can bear enormous fruit sufficient enough to sustain the food for human beings.




Nature should not be destroyed by human beings else it can take its revenge on people so its my earnest request to all my readers to take this into due consideration before taking a step forward against Nature and its law.


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  1. Western religion is simply stolen from all the pagan religions, which blossomed out of stories told to explain and convey reverence of nature. It is easy to see the connections and how it all just focuses on light and darkness, but European influences sought social control and economic gain, thus we see western religion as it is today. Nature is, indeed, the only god.

    1. Being an Indian,I know my religion very well and that is why the world is moving towards Hinduism but people misuse it to reach new heights.Yes but people destroy this visible nature which is heart breaking and the most awful thing

        1. It is not correct that Eastern religions have maintained the spirituality of nature.Its correct that there are some good people who has preached the importance but majority have spoiled and used it for their own selfish motives..

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