Kinnaur Kailash:The imperial peak with two protrusions at the top

Kinnaur Kailash Peak,situated at a height of around 6000 meters above sea level is located in the Greater Himalayan range.The imperial peak can be best sighted from Kalpa,a small town in Himachal Pradesh.This peak belongs to the Kinnaur Kailash range and is the neighbour of the mighty Jorkanden.The peak gets misinterpreted with its neighbour Jorkanden but on seeing the geometrical projections along it surface it becomes easy to identify this peak with its complete features and characteristics.

The mountain peak has lot of geometrical projections in its whole surface and grasslands at the bottom.The peak is easy to identify as it has two thick geometrical protrusions at the top.The whole surface is embodied with geometrical diversions and shapes around it.It is often confused with others and people misinterpret its identity as sometimes clouds pour in due to bad weather conditions difficult for any individual to recognize it.

During sunset,the beauty of this magnificent peak catches all eyes with the sun setting and forming a halo all around it.The mountain peak can also be tracked from Reckong Peo and Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh.It is also believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva as per the Hindu mythology and some people of the Himachal region do worship it as their deity.

The characteristics of the imperial peak make it unique and special amongst others.It’s not difficult to climb the peak and people around the region have tried reaching its summit.The grandeur and the majesty of this mountain has the ability to attract both minister and millions of people who has the mountain wanderlust in them.All mountain lovers and climbers come to view the majesty of the peak with its distinguished features during the winters and in the summer season when it is embodied and covered with snow all around its surface.