Kanyakumari:Land of rising Indian Peacocks

Kanyakumari,situated in Tamilnadu South India is the land of rising Indian peacocks.Our national bird galore in this place and can be seen in all parts of the city including Vivekananda memorial,city corners and nearby sea beaches.It is good to have the manifestation of birds in the country to protect the biological diversity and preserve the national heritage of India.A good DSLR with proper aperture and shutter speed can capture this pretty creature in the lens and its price worth a few dollars.

Vivekananda rock
Vivekananda Rock



Confluence of Bay of Bengal,Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean

Kanyakumari is in the confluence of Bay of Bengal,Arabian Sea and the Indian ocean and the sight can be best tracked from Vivekananda memorial in the middle of the sea.The Vivekananda rock is very famous as the memorial of the wandering monk Swami Vivekananda vests here.Kanyakumari is situated at the extreme end of the Indian map and there are trains connecting the region from different parts of India.The region is very peaceful and serene and a weekend gateway for most of the people living in South india.

Indian peacocks



The whole atmosphere at Kanyakumari is very pleasant with a mixture of temples,beaches and memorials all around the region.A traveler cannot find a better place than Kanyakumari with all the above combinations and a calm,serene place to escape the routine life.

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