The Mighty Jorkanden


The Mighty Jorkanden situated in the Greater Himalayas is located at an altitude of 6473m above sea level.The peak looks more stunning and beautiful as compared to its peers.The peak shines and dazzles in the evening hours when the sun sets and can be best viewed from Reckong Peo,the headquarters of Kinnaur district.The Kinnaur Kailash peak is its neighbour but its height is less as compared to the Mighty Jorkanden.It looks best at twilight and if we are lucky we can get the best view of this mountain giant.

 The best time to view the peak with all its characteristics would be around May-June since the sky remains clear and clouds don’t come down and there is less chance of rainfall during this time frame.The road to Kinnaur remains mostly closed during other parts of the year so its not possible to catch a glimpse of this mighty peak.The people living in Kinnaur region are believed to worship this peak for their well being and good luck.People living in this area have Half cartoon-Half God features and have no arrogance or lust in their attitude.Its worth and quite an enriching experience for people who has climbed this giant as this is the highest peak in the Kinnaur Kailash range and all other peaks in the belt can be easily accessible from Jorkanden.
There are other parts of Himachal from where one can get a glimpse of this giant like Kalpa and Karcham.But the best view of it is possible from Reckong Peo(Kinnaur) as the belt of mountains come closer and it seems like humans are not far away from them.Jorkanden is an epitome of God,luck and prosperity for people living in the area and it is one of the most beautiful and cherishing memories and experience in my time travel period.


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