Green Apples forge the day

Yes,This time I am talking about these green apples that can be found in the tees
on the way to Srinagar-Wullar Lake road.These apples have the ability and the reasons to attract millions with its color and freshness.Anyone can get baffled and decoyed with the freshness and the natural scent of these so called green apples.

Also not to forget because of the incessant rains during this time of the year,these
apples grew in abundance in the tress which made it possible for the sellers to earn a
decent living out of them.This apple fever gripped thousands in this valley because of
its unique nature,taste and the aroma of the fruit.

This was the most remarkable development in the region during this time of the year.These apples have featured in the top list to be found anywhere in the country.
Much to the surprise of other people in the country,they have secured the top rank in
the sellers history and the best ripening apples to be found anywhere in the country.

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