Food that attracts both the minister and millions

The authentic Hyderabadi cuisine especially the Dum Biriyani has the magical taste that attracts both the minister and millions.It would be wise if someone chose the authentic flavors rather than the commercial ones which are available at big restaurants and plazas to showcase their publicity and brand.The authentic ones are mostly found in Nuwan,Shiraj and some other local shops which has the original taste of the Indian cuisine.People get misled with its original flavor and visit the wrong outlets to enjoy its taste and aroma and provide negative and complaining feedback about its piquancy and favor.


From the color,smell and appearance one can make out the difference between the authentic and the commercial ones.They are available mostly in the evening hours and serves as the dinner for many hungry stomachs.They are normally served with onion,raita and a kind of a saucy material which serves as the gravy for the dish.There is also a whooping difference in the fares between the commercial and the authentic ones and the rating given by the public adds more credibility to the authentic Hyderabadi cuisine and favored among locals and the Nawabs.


Hyderabad is more popular in South India due to the presence of forts,lakes and the food it has to offer to the people.Besides being termed as the city of pearls,it also known as the Land Of Nawabs and by lot of other names to its title.I found the best aroma in Biriyani in Nuwan when I went out with my friend in a cold winter evening to warm up and enjoy the deliciousness of the cuisine.In India,Hyderabad is known to serve the best biriyani and it’s commercial outlets have opened branches in different parts of the country to make people of the country feel the essence of the region and culture and food.