When 3 Rocks take the form a human skull

Against the Odds

Yes,it happens sometimes in higher hilly areas when nature takes its real form and it came to me a surprise when I saw this in my own country India near a small village named Mana Camp in Uttarakhand.3 gigantic rocks taking the form an artificial human skull which looks real and causing bewilderment.This was a rare site and against the odds when we spotted this after walking around 5 kms from the base camp.Also waterfalls flowing through the rocks was a good sighted experience.The picturesque was amazing all round and it took us around 4-5 hours to complete vigilating the entire area.

3 rocks in mana camp
En route Mana Camp

The 3 rocks are real and true with 2 forming the eyes and the other forming the nose of the artificial human skeleton.Water passes across the 3 rocks and is a rich sighting experience for any travel photographer.The water actually comes from the Lake Manasarovar and is very pure and holy and is drinkable.The lens should be good enough and the aperture should be set properly to catch the sight.These rocks are kept in this manner for years and not been affected by rains,thunders and landslides till date.It is unique that these rocks have been identified by humans and considered sacred and holy.

There is also a road by the left side of Mana from where we can go to Satopanth.Mana lies between the Nar and Narayana mountain ranges and the famous pilgrimage of Lord Vishnu,Badrinath is also visible from the camp.Even the Nilkantha peak surrounding both Badrinath and Mana  offers a spectacular and miraculous vista to all mountain lovers and travelers across the globe.The sight is an eye catcher for adventure and natural enthusiasts coming to make a documentary on natural landscapes and formations on Earth and this unique planet.

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