Food that attracts both the minister and millions

The authentic Hyderabadi cuisine especially the Dum Biriyani has the magical taste that attracts both the minister and millions.It would be wise if someone chose the authentic flavors rather than the commercial ones which are available at big restaurants and plazas to showcase their publicity and brand.The authentic ones are mostly found in Nuwan,Shiraj and some other local shops which has the original taste of the Indian cuisine.


From the color,smell and appearance one can make out the difference between the authentic and the commercial ones.They are available mostly in the evening hours and serves as the dinner for many hungry stomachs.They are normally served with onion,raita and a kind of a saucy material which serves as the gravy for the dish.There is also a whooping difference in the fares between the commercial and the authentic ones and the rating given by the public adds more credibility to the dish and favoured among locals and the Nawabs.


Hyderabad is more popular in South India due to the presence of forts,lakes and the food it has to offer to the people.Besides being termed as the city of pearls,it also known as the Land Of Nawabs and by lot of other names to its title.I found the best aroma in Biriyani in Nuwan when I went out with my friend in a cold winter evening to warm up and enjoy the deliciousness in the cuisine.In India,Hyderabad is known to serve the best biriyani and it’s commercial outlets have opened branches in different parts of the country to make people of the country feel the essence of the region and culture.

The Lake with a buoyant isle is Prashar

Prashar Lake is located in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh and has tales of mystery attached to it.The depth of the lake is unknown and is considered to be as one of the highest lakes in India.There is a floating island around it and Snow capped peaks of the Himalayas embroider the lake that adds charisma to the enchantment.



Prashar Lake

The Lake is a symbol of good luck for people living around the region and is considered sacred and holy and people throw coins and flowers as offerings inside the lake.With the deep blue color and green grass surrounding the floating island the lake has a serene and ecstatic look that encourages travelers to add it to their wishlist.There are plenty of tourists visiting the lake every year in the winter months to catch the best glimpse amidst of the snow capped peaks circumscribing the water body.





The mountains of the Greater Himalayas in the presence of the morning Sun dazzle with gleam making the lake and its ambiance the cynosure of all eyes.The lake is a retreat for film makers and directors in India willing to launch their next generation of films with co-stars and actors.The similitude of this water body with others is only in its color and is held sacred because of the divinity and peace across the vicinity.The enigmatic divinity across the region with the river Beas flowing nearby makes it perfect for young travelers and geographic lovers to make a research on the unknowing depth of this water body and the passage of water and its interference with the natural environment in the future.





Belief is a 6 letter word in the English dictionary which literally means everything.True belief never dies and it is essential for every human being to make his mind as strong as possible so that incorrect misfortunes don’t conquer it.Belief in oneself is also important to realize the truth.If we cannot believe and accept ourselves and keep our minds strong and happy we cannot believe others and their intuitions.

I would like to confine myself more on traveling virtues and beliefs since this is more a travel website and not delve into other areas.Travel virtues and beliefs are important and play a crucial role in our daily lives.We should travel in order to nurture ourselves.Studying the cultures and traditions of another country is highly beneficial for an individual’s growth.This is how we grow and become richer not on monetary terms but on individual levels.Life is like a series of Mountains so we must stand tall and flow steadily like a river.Simply spending some time in a place or in a pub or changing clothes won’t do any good to a person,instead he should focus on traditions,cultures and languages.Staying in one place,leading and mixing with the same kind of people won’t promote the growth of an individual.

Traveling should be a lifetime phenomenon and not something temporary as it will help in removing obsessions and astrological beliefs.Astrology is the sign of a weak mind.If the mind is strong and properly balanced no wrong beliefs or misfortunes can conquer it.So it is better if we free ourselves from human conceit and vanity and take the route of Traveling.All that is happening around us is a result of our own thoughts and actions.So it is important to seek wisdom and find out ways to remove things or people that troubles the mind and the body.

Travel and Human Mind

The mind is the sexiest part of human beings without which nothing can be achieved.The mind controls all our feelings,emotions and our way of thinking and living.It is imperative to keep the mind free and being polluted by wrong thoughts and misconceptions.If the mind is not healthy and balanced we are deemed to make mistakes and faults in life and we should stop criticizing others for the same as we are responsible for our own thoughts and actions.

Human mind is not a dustbin to keep negative thoughts and feelings.Instead it should remain calm and controlled like Buddha and we can get rid of negative thoughts and feelings by keeping loads of love and feelings inside the mind.People would judge and criticize us any way but it is important to hold one single thought in our mind at a time and not get baffled by multiple things at one go.Mind is the most precious gift of God to mankind.Even words and thoughts that arise comes from the human mind whether it is in the right or wrong direction.

Traveling often from our daily life and routine just relaxes the mind and keeps it free
from multiple thoughts.Traveling plays a very crucial role in our daily lives and has a significant effect on our body and mind which every traveler knows.Although
Traveling does not accelerate the mind but it keeps the mind more harmonious and symmetrical.Mind control programs and exercises are essential along with traveling for longer periods of time.One must come out of the comfort zone and also take few steps to keep the mind healthy,free and controlled after all it is our body which we must take into account first before thinking of anything else.

What Nature can bestow

It IS Easy Being Green!

Mother Nature can entrust human beings with its priceless gift and impose everyone with positive effects.Infact human beings should consider Nature as their religion because we are not meant to destroy it by worshipping an unknown deity.The splendid offerings of Mother Nature can be of immense value if we know how to value it.




Nature can create an unknown hysteria among people if we look at it from a religion’s perspective.A man’s religion is to be true to his own nature and once he realizes it he will be able to attain perfection and complete freedom and conquerance over himself.Mother Nature is sumptuous and resplendent and the tantamount can be observed or felt if we can conquer it.




With its swanky contributions,Nature can play a crucial role in helping an individual earn his daily loaf of bread.If man knows how to plant tress and inculcate vegetation out of it then nothing is impossible.I have realized the same when I visited the Hunder village in the tehsil district of Ladakh and saw poor people making a livelihood and living a  happier life than us by following a natural lifestyle.Trees can be planted and if watered and maintained daily can bear enormous fruit sufficient enough to sustain the food for human beings.




Nature should not be destroyed by human beings else it can take its revenge on people so its my earnest request to all my readers to take this into due consideration before taking a step forward against Nature and its law.


The Terrain of Buddhism and Mountain Gods is Leh

The purlieu of religion Buddhism lies in the district capital of Ladakh which is known as the Land of Mountain Gods. Ladakh is the capital city of Leh which comes under the Trans Himalayan belt and quantum of it plunges in Jammu and Kashmir.The terrain of stupas,monastries and different varieties of mountains is Leh.

Leh airport





It can be reached via Manali of Himachal or from Srinagar by road which can be covered in 2 days time with halts at either Sarchu or Kargil.While crossing by we get to see the worlds second highest Tanglang La Pass or Zozila Pass respectively from Manali or Srinagar in the way.Temperature drops down drastically in these areas so it is essential to keep protection for oneself to avoid altitude sickness or other health concerns.

Leh and exteriors





Areas of interest in Leh are the Shanti Stupa,Thiksey Monastery,Hall of Fame,Confluence of Zanskar and Indus,The Leh Palace and the distinguished mountains and desert like  regions because of which it is also considered as a Cold Desert.The apples are very famous in this area and vegetable cultivation by poor people is also something to look out for in the tehsil.The Kumbh Mela of Himalayas is a treasure to watch in the late months of the year and the locals celebrate it with exhilaration and vivacity.




Leh is free from regional conflicts or disturbances that are prevalent in other areas of Jammu and Kashmir.Dalai Lama the great saint of Tibet is someone whom the people of Leh look upon as God and conferences and meetings are often held in the city to maintain peace and stability.





Peerless emerald lake in Trans Himalayas

The peerless emerald lake in Trans Himalayas is Tso-Kyogar enclaved by untarnished mountains of the Trans Himalayas.It’s not a colossal lake as compared to Pang or Tsomoriri but enthralls travelers with its perfunctory and ostensible actualization.The green meadows and the emerald color spawns a similitude with the firmament and impulses travelers to rate it very highly and keep it in their top travel wishlist.

Tso Kyogar and its brilliance



Tso Kyogar

I drove the boulevard with my travel gears and managed to capture the glimpse of the fascination and exquisiteness in the lens with the empyrean witnessing its silence and confinement.Embarking the adventure was an interesting and intelligent incentive in my time travel and sparks memories even now to go and eyewitness the lake’s elocution.There were travel hunters like me from different parts of the world that came to create a signatory on the Tso and make a documentary on it.

Tso Kyogar and its appealing pizzazz



Tso Kyogar

There were camps set up for the night to circumvent the day and we savoured and relished all the way through to create shimmering retrospection in our minds.The film makers can consider this lake of the Trans Himalayas as a paradisiacal latitude for romantic pageants and presentations that can attract millions in the country to make a positive vehemence to patrol this corner of the Trans Himalayas.



Travelling is the antidote for Arishadvargas

Designed for You
Traveling is the antidote for the six obstacles in Bhakti.The six obstacles in Bhakti are namely lust, anger,greed,attachment,pride and jealousy.Traveling is the antitoxin or the sedative to these six obstacles.Individuals who travel should understand the science and teach others so that they can overcome these six problems and live a much peaceful and composed life.

Two or three members in a group can suffer from the above disorders due to increased competition,social statuses,superiority in position or power.Traveling often and leaving the mundane routine life which can be a killer can be surpassed if the mind is properly relaxed and balanced and free from these above six desires.Traveling should be practiced periodically to get rid of such emotions and desires in life.It can be a travel to some remote location or a place where there is complete peace or perceiving and understanding some other religion.

Wrong religious practices are also a result of the above six obstacles that can arise against Bhakti.Such practices should be stopped immediately and proper measures should be implemented to eradicate the same.There can be innumerous mind disorders or disbalances that can emerge within an individual staying and remaining confined to one particular location or section.I believe from my experience that Traveling can eradicate such complexities within a person and make him a better human being.

Rameswaram and it's importance in India

Rameswaram is located in the Pamban Island in the coastal area of Tamilnadu.The border of Srilanka is close to Rameswaram and a few kilometers away from this abode of Lord Rama.It’s also a place where individuals come with dead ashes of the obituary for the inner peace of the soul.With temples,sea bridges and seashores bordering the city it has lot to offer tourists.



The land is believed to be holy and individuals come for the survival and safety of their family and good wishes and prayers for the deceased.Hinduism is practiced and religion is followed deeply here so temples and other places of interest galore in this area.The practice of Hinduism and religious traditions originated from Rameswaram first and spread to other parts of the country.That religion is a practical necessity and not a theoritical need is observed strictly in Rameswaram and other parts of South India.

Rameswaram Sea Bridge


It’s also one of the places where there is a bridge connecting the railways and the sea and is the longest in India.Also it’s the only place in india where a road connecting buses and taxis are situated in between the sea which is a rare sight for any hardcore traveller.Other parts of South India like Chennai,Kanyakumari are accessible from Rameswaram and a few hours away.There are hotels,lodges for tourists which are quite affordable and within the reach of common man.It is one of the main religious hubs of South India and considered
very sacred and holy.

Spirituality Vs Religion:Who is the winner?

Spirituality Vs Religion-Which is good and what’s the difference and how it’s related to
Travel.I would like to discuss this hot topic today with my readers and followers and I hope that I will be able to convince them with my perception.The topic is very complicated and requires a crystal insight of the brain and mind.

Traveling is more related to Spirituality and that’s the reason why most people often plan solo trips every now and then.Religion is bondage but Traveling is not,it’s free and most people eventually manage to travel the world with a modest income.Spirituality can be attained from solitude or oneness or by even becoming a hermit.However religion is a practical necessity as well considering the growth and development of any region.Religion is something that separates us from others
so it would be wrong to say that it’s the root cause of all misery and evil.

Wrong Religious practices happening nowadays should be precluded and it is we people who can anticipate the same by preventing animal slaughter,spending huge amounts of money and disregarding the misinterpreters in this field.Every Religion has its own tradition as per human interpretation but it has definitely separated us which may be good or bad depending upon the circumstances.Something that segregates us from others is definitely not good as in Earth ‘We are One’
but it is essential and vital as we realize that people of old age do benefit and gain a lot from religion.As it is required to separate transgenders,bisexuals,homosexuals and lesbians it is sometimes required to isolate people and classify them as Followers of Islam,Followers of Hinduism,Followers of Christianity,Followers of Buddhism and so on.It is also because of the existence of different GOD in each mythology,people have got separated.Regional conflicts,disturbances and other political scenarios have made religion a victim and the root cause of all problems which is not true.

Spiritual awakening is not that difficult and no books or temples can make you spiritual.It should come from within which depends upon a person’s individual experience and lifespan.Every one in this world has a role to play and is sent for some purpose which he may or may not be aware of but a spiritual awareness can help identify the same.Traveling in seclusion for longer periods and the practice of oneness helps one to become spiritual which is a sole reality and very much authentic.Traveling to different places all around the world has made me realize all this and I hope that if I am able to convince a single reader with my thoughts I would consider myself very lucky and fortunate.I would like to conclude by saying that Religion is following the dispatcher or the reporter but in the end it is Spirituality who is the winner because the reporter or the dispatcher can be deceptive and false.