How to find peace and pacifism in distress


In my opinion,mental accord and peace should come from inside and none can help in inculcating it in human beings.There should be a brotherhood feeling between human beings to realize the same.Fighting and hitting back in anger are not the correct ways to deal with problems recurring in real time scenarios.Mental peace should come from within and no one can inculcate it in others forcefully.The brain is the most important part of the human body which controls the mind and the mind controls the body and its actions and words.

Monastries proclaiming the importance of Buddhism

There are various practices that can be followed in order to attain and feel the same.One of them would be to practice meditation and yoga basics which can be undertaken by the younger generation.The visit to monastries and stupas and learning e-Buddhist literatures are a very promising way to attain perfection and deal with peccadillo in actual life schemes.Balancing the mind is very crucial and essential to deal with imperfections and predicaments arising out of human brain and keep it relaxed.

Buddhist monasteries
Buddhist stupas

Distress and sufferings are a result of our own actions and forms which can be prevented to a certain extent depending upon the nature of the individual.Getting rid of heat of the moment factors and others should be duly practiced and followed to be a better human being and rule out the possibilities of repeating incidents and mistakes committed in the past.The illegal practices of smoking,drinking and hanging out should be avoided as well to keep the mind fresh and jovial.Cheerfulness and peace should always be the motto of every human being from today to create a better future for himself and others.We are own teacher in every aspect of human life and everything depends on us to predict and shape our destiny.

Mental peace


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