Pangong|The blue brackish water lake


Pangong Tso is a very renowned blue brackish water lake due to its appearance and geographical position neighboring India and China.I was very fortunate to catch a glimpse of it with my entourage in the summer months.I reached Pangong via the Shyok boulevard from Nubra Valley.The lake looks dazzling after sunrise and the perfect blue color produced from the reflection of the empyrean strikes a wonderful glow to the surroundings and the atmosphere.This color is however temporary and changes throughout the day till twilight. Some people may find it conventional but if an individual understands the hidden wisdom and beauty of traversing around the lake he is really blessed.

Pangong Tso
The Lake of changing colors

Trans Alpine dilemma
Trans Alpine Magnetism

Pangong tso
Pangong Lake and its tempting pizzazz

When I reached there,it was almost 2 pm in the afternoon  and I was mesmerized to see the blue brackish water lake shining amidst the snow clad mountains of the Trans Himalayan region.The. colour of the mountains were mostly brownish and blackish but some were even chocolate brown and orangish in actualization.The peaks were easily discernible and very close to our contact and impact and we embraced the fact that the weather was crystal clear and free from dark clouds.

The Blue brackish water Pangong Lake
Pangong Tso and its reflection with the sky

Blue Pangong
Blue Pangong lake" src="" alt="The Blue Pangong lake" width="1600" height="1200" /> Pangong Lake

The lake enclaved by Trans Himalayas
Trans Himalayas surrounding Pangong Lake

There were tents at moderate prices available for travellers ranging from high quality to ordinary and the food was awesome and had a great taste of the region and people very hospitable and kind enough.The lake became more famous in India after the 3 idiots shooting and some other renowned Bollywood movies launched in the recent years.The distinguished varieties of peaks around the lake makes it look more fascinating and ravishing.We can compare the color of the lake with the cool blue drink available in cafe coffee day outlets and changes with the color of the sky.

Blue brackish water lake
The Blue Pangong

The lake has boats that exchanges goods between the neighboring countries and soldiers protecting the territory.The lake looks very artistic in dusk and makes a momentous appearance turning green to blackish.We stayed two days backpacking around the region and the surroundings catching glimpse of all the mountain peaks around it and taking weird photographs.It was enthralling and spellbinding for us to patrol this corner of the Trans Himalayan territory and contrive ravishing and unforgettable memories to last for a decade.

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