Panchchuli:Five adjacent peaks endowed with fleecy stimulants

Panchchuli is a range of five snow covered peaks with fleecy stimulants in the Kumaon ranges of Uttarakhand endowed with  palpable from Munsiyari.Among the five peaks ranging around 6000 m above sea level,the second peak is considered to be the highest among all the adjacent
peaks in this massif mountain ranges.There are four glaciers emanating from the massif and forms a central part of the water repository in the adjoining valleys.The name is Panchchuli because of the five pandavas who went to conquer the mountain as their last supper.

Panchchuli endowed with fleecy stimulants

Khalia camp
Khalia top

It is easier and simple to go towards the base camp after which the climb is a herculean one and not within the reach of common man.The Britishers have tried climbing all of these ranges within a stipulated time frame making a history of conquering these mammoth peaks.The ranges of Panchchuli endowed with fleecy stimulants are also discernible from Khalia Top Bugyal and can be witnessed properly without any speculations.The peaks fascinate and continue to impress all travelers having the mountain wanderlust in them.I was fortuitous in catching hold of all the five peaks of the ranges tangibly with one of my friend and catching the exquisiteness and the beauty in the lenses.

Panchchuli mountains


Five peaks of Panchchuli
Five peaks of Panchchuli

The mountain peaks dazzles during sunrise garlanding the entire region of the Kumaon spectrum and the view is enchanting and magnificient during sunset after which the clouds come pouring in eclipsing these peaks slowly and then vanishing from
the cynosure of all human eyes.These peaks have the power to awaken a dead soul and are the epitome of good luck,prosperity and well being.The peaks invigorates creating an impeccable hysteria among human minds to go and circumvent and introspect
about their unknowing heights and their existence from human stand point.The glaciers are said to be intact and not in the pipeline of getting melted any sooner which is a promising sign for life thriving at the Himalayan abode.


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