One,Two,Three….Types of Travel

One, Two, Three!

There are different types of travel that one should experiment or undertake to experience the spice of travel in real life.As a travel enthusiast,I do embark the different varieties of travel in my spare time.


1.Solo Travel:Solo Travel is my strength and whenever I don’t get a companion I prefer it as the only means to keep and withstand with the difficult times in life.Solo Travel is encouraging and daring for any hardcore traveller and it teaches how to remain independent and not worry too much when you are uncloistered in life.Infact,I travel solo mostly when something good or bad happens to celebrate or forget that phase of life you are dealing with.


2.Travel with friends and family:This is what most people do and prefer in holidays and weekends to get a new dimension and and keep moving forward to cope up with life.In this case travelling with friends or family is a good option so that people in the group also feel the same and forget the harsh and erotic phases of life.To get a break from the routine,we need to move out of the comfort zone and start feeling the same.


3.Cultural Travel:Cultural Travel is something which I prefer when I become free for a week or so to deal with the imperfections of life in one specific culture.I often travel with a cultural group when I get time and make it for a week to go into some other culture and city and learn the aspects and the differences prevailing there.


4.Backpacking: Backpacking is something that I initiate five to six times a year with my trekking gear and friends in that circle to make myself free and not get restless and transient in this material world.Backpacking and Trekking has been in my top travelling list for quite some time and I undertake it very seriously.

5.Educational Travel:Educational Travel is the one that I used to initiate in my early days and even sometimes now with a school or college group for any specific project requirement or geographical exposure and proficiency.

6.Event Travel:Event Travel is also becoming popular nowadays with the public and I get a chance to go for event travel with any associated travel groups and companies to promote a product or attend any events pertaining to the travel agenda.Although rare and happens only once in a year or two,I prefer the same and urge other travellers to go and plan for event travel.

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