The Magical white sand dunes of Nubra Valley


Has anyone heard about natural formation of white sand dunes in packs and pyramids?Yes they are found in none other than the Nubra Valley at a distance af around 150 kilometers from the capital city of Ladakh.These white sand dunes are found in the plain grasslands and also in the peaks of the Trans Himalayan ranges creating a unique purview with the environment.These white sand dunes are formed in packs and in pyramid shapes all around the region which gives the camel riders an opportunity to earn a piece of bread out of it.

Hunder sand dune
Hunder Sand dunes

White sand dunes of Nubra valley
Nubra Sand dunes

Sand dunes of Nubra valley
Sand dunes of Nubra

Magical white sand dunes of Nubra
Nubra Sand dunes

The natural formation of these dunes are found in the Diskit monastery expanding across Hunder Village in the Nubra Valley.Camels are found in this area with two protrusions at their back which is unique and subtle in any corner of the world.The mountains of the Trans Himalayan ranges covered with ice packs demarcate the entire region surrounded by trees and the mesmerizing influence of the Shyok river.Descendants of the region are mainly Buddhists who has their own unique ways of living and generating their presence in the region.There are tents and home stays available for travelers coming from different parts of the world to scout this corner of the Trans Himalayan belt.The roads are challenging and ungravelled in certain areas so it is required to make proper arrangements and travel plans and hire expert drivers to convoy the area.There are Buddhist monastries,stupas and high flowing streams and high motorable passes in the way to the valley.

Sand dunes
Nubra sand dunes

Mountains covered with dunes
Mountains covered with white sand dunes

Camel riders at Nubra Valley
Camel Riders at Nubra sand dunes

Hunder tehsil
Hunder Village

I escorted the region with two of my friends who are travel enthusiasts and have a unfathomable interest to make documentaries of important valleys in India.We stayed a day to experience the warmth and the spirit of the region and it was an enriching acquaintaince for all of us and come back with astonishing memories and empiricism with a desire to conquer this part of the country.

Nubra Valley

Camel riders
Nubra Camel riders

Mountains enclaved by sand dunes
Mountains enclosing the sand dunes area

Two projected camels
Two projected camels at their back

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